Parys Mine and ‘The Royal Charter’ Shipwreck

by Sandra Williams nee Roose
(Rhyl, Denbighshire)

Royal Charter Memorial Sculpture at Moelfre on Anglesey

Royal Charter Memorial Sculpture at Moelfre on Anglesey

Royal Charter Memorial Sculpture at Moelfre on Anglesey
Royal Charter Monument on the Moelfre Coastline
Mynydd Parys Copper Mine at Copper Kingdom Amlwch
Sail Loft Cafe in Amlwch Port, Amlwch

Hi Wil

Whilst investigating my family history I discovered that I am related to the Roose Family with strong associations with the Royal Charter Disaster in 1859 and Copper Mining on Anglesey.

As I am hoping to visit Anglesey in the near future I would like to find out as much as I can about the Roose family.

My three times Great Grandfather, Jonathan Roose, I believe found the copper again in the Parys Mine in Amlwch in the 1850s. Rev Stephen Roose-Hughes is also a relative about whom I would love to discover more.

Best wishes


Dear Sandra

Congratulations. You are from the very best of stock being related with the Reverend Stephen Roose-Hughes and his brother and family.

I’m sure that you will have checked my page on Llanallgo Church where 140 of the victims of the appalling hurricane in the early hours of October 26th 1859 are buried together.

Charles Dickens hailed the Reverend Stephen Roose-Hughes as a hero in his book The Uncommercial Traveller, which I respectfully suggest you read.

A visit to the church and a walk among the older graves will reveal that Moelfre is famous for raising Master Mariners.

For a display of items recovered from the wrecking of ‘The Royal Charter’ can be found at the Seawatch Centre, which is located near the world famous Moelfre Lifeboat Station. You should be able to glean some useful information here.

As for the Parys and Mona Mines (part of the Amlwch Copper Kingdom), I would highly recommend a visit there and a walk around the footpath that will guide you around the once largest copper mine in the world.

For more information I would direct you down to Amlwch Port. Visit the Sail Loft Café for a panad a teisen (cuppa and a cake). Here you can be guided to the recently opened Copper Bin exhibition.

Also check out my Copper Kingdom page.

I believe that the locations I write about above will help you get a real visceral feel for your family history. If Dr Bryan Hope is about, then you’ll be in for a treat.

My very, very best wishes to you and I hope that you find inspiration for your life from your past family members.


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Dec 10, 2013
Family history
by: Anonymous


Just to let you know that I did eventually get to Amlwch this summer and had a fantastic time researching my family history.

We spent one of the days at the church of my ancestor Rev Stephen Roose Hughes at Llanallgo and looking a this grave - how kind of people to still put flowers there- a thing we intend to do next time we visit.

And the grave of other people involved too. The inside of the church is also beautifully kept too and it seemed sureal standing in his footsteps.

On another visit we started with the Church in Amlwch, which houses the family headstones(now leaning against the outside walls) and inside the church which held tablets on the wall relating to other people of the Roose family.

People were holding a coffee morning there and made us very welcome and were most interested in my family history. I then visited several houses that were at one time occupied by members of my family. People were so kind and informative too.

We also visited Amlwch Port and went around the fascinating Museum and chatted to people who worked/volunteered there.

Then lastly we visited the Mine, a real must do for everyone. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable visit. One we hope to do again next summer and a must for holiday makers everywhere.

Sandra Williams nee Roose

Dear Sandra

I am so happy for you.

Rev Stephen Roose Hughes was indeed a mighty hero: compassionate and with courage and fortitude almost beyond imagining. His family as well.

Be well.

A Happy Christmas to you and your family and friends.


Aug 16, 2012
Parys mine
by: Anonymous

Hi again Wil,

Very many thanks for all your good advice regarding places to visit.

I really am looking forward to coming to Anglesey with all this extra information.

Many thanks


Aug 16, 2012
Ceiniog Mon
by: Gordon

Hi Wil

On the subject of Anglesey copper. There is in existence the 'Anglesey Penny' & Half Penny.

These were minted in Anglesey, from Anglesey copper in the last decade of the 1700's. They have a Druid head with oak leaves, and is a well inscripted coin.

I have a half penny, having given my brother in USA the penny in exchange for deputy-Marshal's star. Boys will be boys.


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