Oonagh’s story

by Oonagh Wilkinson

Borth Wen Cemaes

Borth Wen Cemaes

Dear Wil

We started visiting Anglesey when I was about 8 or 9 years old and stayed at Ma Evan’s campsite (Tyddyn Uchaf) in those days. Their house has now been converted to a huge ‘building' on the beautiful headland between Porth Swtan and Porthwen.

Then, we were introduced to the most wonderful family, the Richard Brothers of Orsedd Goch, in between Llanfairyghornwy and Rhydwyn

Jack is the only remaining member of the original family that we knew, and has been like a father to me over my life. I love him to bits!

There were 7 in the family originally and oh! what characters! What a privilege to have been befriended by them! The stories are just AMAZING!!

Going back to their childhood! Living in the tiny little croft cottage, all of them! I remember going there as a child to have breakfast with them before they milked the herd, when their mother was still alive.

Jack, until quite recently, would drive down in his pick up truck and sit outside the Mr and Mrs Williams house at the entrance to Church Bay, socialising, with everyone at the weekend after Sunday lunch or on a Summer’s evening! I know he really misses doing that, but he wont let me take him down there anymore!

I also remember Rosa and the Beach Ponies, and still see Wally on his bike!

I remember Mr and Mrs Williams at the Wavecrest café too. The rest hasn’t really changed has it? And that’s what’s SO wonderful about it!

I remember Robin Top Shop, and the butcher in Rhydwyn, Gwylym the Vicar, Ishmael in the Church Bay Hotel on a Saturday night, and his wife, who sadly was murdered.

I saw the programme 'Coast', and Jack has told me all about the Bone Setters and Ivor who lived at Cae Llwyd near Orsedd Goch, which was run at times, like a small hospital, mending animals' and folks' bones with pitch and brown paper when needed.

Jack said, ‘There was a penny to be had for finding a dead body on the beach!’ I think that was during WW2!

SO many more tales to be told!

I love the Skerries! And was devastated when its beam was cut down in power! I used to be able to see it right across the island when I was driving over to Church Bay!

I wish I could live there now.

I will never find anywhere on earth as precious as that little corner. And will never meet such wonderful characters as those who live there.

Best wishes to all


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Jan 16, 2018
Jack's death!
by: Anonymous

Oh Ishmael Jones, I'm so sorry I've never seen your comment till now! I hope you're well and happy and can visit sunny Anglesey when time permits!

Jack has just died!! His funeral is on Friday 19th January 2018. How terribly sad!! He was the last of his generation and of the characters from that area! It will be absolutely heart wrenching going back to Anglesey for holidays with him no longer there! I'm dreading it! I was talking to DD my sister and we were saying how much love he gave us, from being kids ourselves, right into our senior years! There was always a welcome from him, and he was always there for us, even through our life traumas, he'd be there, he was really like a father. Oh Jack, I do love you and will miss you more than words can say!

Apr 16, 2016
To Morwenna and Ishmael
by: Oonagh

Oh Morwenna and Ishmael! I’ve only just seen your comments to my post! Morwenna, I know life is hard for you now, with your dear Mam and Dad’s health failing.....my heart goes out to you!

Ishmael, how lovely to hear from you too! Bet you’re a character like your Dad was! Shame we cant meet up!

Best wishes to those who hold such a special place in my heart!xxx

Aug 16, 2014
by: Morwenna jones

We feel that you are part of the family Oonagh. It certainly is a very special place to live with unique characters, who are unfortunatley ,are getting less.
The view of the skerries, and Holyhead, from the top of Rhoscryman road is like no other .x

Aug 14, 2014
thank you
by: Anonymous

my name is ishmael jones the son of ishmael , i now live Australia, and also would like to live there again and in them times, than you for writing about rhydwyn

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