Newry Beach

by Gwenda Owen

Newry Beach - Maritime Museum Bistro, Holyhead

Newry Beach - Maritime Museum Bistro, Holyhead

Dear Wil

Newry Beach is special because it's home.

Wherever I've been in the world there is no place like Newry Beach. Holyhead people could teach the world a thing or to about community living. Sticking up for each other, supporting each other whether they be family or friends.

'Does na neb fel hogia' dre am edrych allan am ei gilydd. Mi fedra pobl y wlad ddysgu llawer am gymdogaeth a chyfeillgarwch oddiwrth pobl dre.

Mi fyddwn yn mynd i lan môr y Newry hefo Nain "Mr Jones Eggs". Wedi treulio llawer i 'bnawn hefo fy chwaer yn y "paddling pool" yn y Newry - gwneud ffrindiau newydd a chael ambell i 99 hefo Strawberry Sôs o'r caffi hefo ffenast.

Long live Newry Beach!!!


Dear Gwenda

How lovely to hear from you.

I know Holyhead very well and agree about the friendliness and mutual commitment of the towns' people to each other.

I'm also country folk, by the way. And believe it or not we all say the same about you lot. It goes to prove we're all the same when it comes to the important things in life.

Especially ice cream with Strawberry Sôs.

I've translated your message for the many people across the world who read Anglesey Hidden Gem.

'There’s no-one like Holyheadians for looking after each other. The country folk could learn a great deal about neighbourliness and friendship from the Town folk.

We used to go the Newry beach with Gran “Mrs Jones Eggs”. I used to spend the afternoon with my sister in the paddling pool on Newry – making friends and munching the odd 99 (ice cream) with strawberry sauce from the cafe with the window.'


Diolch o waelod calon i chi Gwenda


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Feb 25, 2015
by: Ann Booth nee Carey

I have so many wonderful memories of happy days on Newry Beach. Learning to swim on 1st beach before being confidante enough to swim & dive off Mackensie Pier (not sure if this is the correct spelling) as in those days there was no paddling pool & a swimming pool unheard of.
Senna Line should not be allowed to spoil this beautiful area so future generations of locals and visitors are denied the pleasures it has to offer.
I left Holyhead in 1966 but will always remain HOME to me and my husband & I return at least once a year & a visit to the beach is always on the list of things to see.
I wish you all good health and hope the fight to save the beach is successful.
Ann Booth. (Nee Carey )

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