An Anglesey Mystery Beach
Monday June 26

I welcome you to my Anglesey Mystery Beach. Or rather, I don't.

I wish you to know that there are still hidden gems on Anglesey that I haven't disclosed to you yet and may never do so. In the words of a former Intelligence Chief from the Middle East, 

"If you don't already know, then you don't need to know."

A Remembrance of Time Past

The location of this beach shall remain a mystery and yet I have no problem of you enjoying it ... if you have the good fortune to happen upon it and if you keep quiet about it.

This really was an absolutely gorgeous evening with nary a breath of wind. The air was absolutely still and there was no physical sensation other than an emotional impression such beauty can have on a person.

I get confused over whether the weather is now due to weather or climate.  Push that to one side and imagine a kind of pleasant emotional stasis embraced by Blue-ness.

A Shrouded-in-Mystery Beach

It is curious how some specific locations around the world become shrouded in mystery because we just don’t understand what is going on. Rather than wait until we have adequate information to gather into a sensible theory we invest and then reinvest in superstition and become wary.

I have seen many odd things around Anglesey over the years and I have also seen many wonderful things as well. Anglesey is a very ancient Island and the last redoubt of the Druids. The time of Druids is beyond our spoken history and only exist as over-romanticised  tales fabricated during the Victorians during the Nineteenth Century or embellished from mutterings of the odd Iolo Morganwg and the National Eisteddfod of Wales.

Nonetheless, there are locations around the coast of Anglesey where strange lights are alleged to rise out of the sea and traverse the evening and night skies. Out in the open, I believe all shadows have the potential to move at twilight and if we are nervous then we can add all manner of character to that movement. Just don’t whistle, though.

While I will not disclose the location of this beautiful Anglesey beach, I will tell you that it is not known for any mysterious activities; however, from it one may view one of the most significant (according to some people) UFO Hotspots on or around Anglesey.

A Mysterious Weird Noise

This is not a mystery man on a mystery beach on Anglesey. Curiously he is facing east. Sherlock Holmes warned us of the evil wind from the east.
This little beach is locked into isolation at high tide and unless you know the route down you will miss it. I hope you do.

The mystery man is George and he insists his main occupation is Beard-Development Technician for ZZ Top. He’s a nice man so I acknowledge and say no more.

The sea was lapping sweetly onto the golden soft sand this evening and there was no noise other than the seabirds and the persistent low frequency rumbling that is not an overpassing jet liner.

The noise surrounded us and lasted too long to be caused by a single jet and there is no squadron up there in the Blue.

There are four jet-skis out on the flat calm water, but their noise is merely an irritating high-pitch existential squeal for attention. 

We resolve to leave that problem at this mystery beach unresolved and yet very much in keeping with the reputation of this part of Anglesey.

This is the Way Down to our Mystery Beach

And I'm not going to tell you where it is.

I have loved writing about Anglesey beaches for you over the years and guiding you there and telling you where to park, where to eat and where to pee.

In other words - to misquote Apollo Whatsisname in one of the Rocky movies:

'I taught you everything you know, not everything I know.'

If you find this beautiful mystery beach then you will realise why I want people to know that such a place exists on Anglesey. You will also realise why I don't want to share it.

Dreamtime: Where the Earth Meets the Sky

Read up on Australian Aboriginal tribal history about the Dreamtime and you will learn that when the earth, or the sea in this case, met the sky then things changed - Significantly.

In the middle of nowhere, far from any farming or any industry whatsoever and still the air thrummed and vibrated with a low frequency noise. Most mysterious on this Anglesey mystery beach.

Go figure.

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