Menai Strait Mussels

by Gary Wright

Menai Straits at Menai Bridge Anglesey

Menai Straits at Menai Bridge Anglesey

Hi Wil,

I'm surprised you haven't mentioned James Wilson of DeepDock Mussels' appearance on BBC's "Our Food".

It was a a great spot and I'm shocked to learn that UK retailers haven't jumped to buy his mussels??

It was a great segment.


Dear Gary

I've had the pleasure of meeting James Wilson and find him to be an eminently sensible and decent chap.

Like you, I am delighted by his success and find the mussel farming and harvesting a marvellous project and business enterprise.

All products succeed because of advertising and the BBC programme is a great help.

I'm not sure if any of his products are sold locally, though.

If so, let me know and I'll highlight it.


P.S. I used to be part of the Welsh Water Marine Survey Team and carried out regular EC Directive Mussel Bed surveys along the Menai Staits for five years.

Some of the scariest moments of my life were on the Menai Straits in Winter in a little Shetland cruiser or Zodiac. Before the days of Health and Safety.


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Jun 29, 2013
Fresh Seafood
by: m j white fishmongers

Hi Wil

Seeing all the comments about a lack of fish and shellfish on Anglesey I thought I should promote my business I set up last year here on the island.

I have been a fishmonger for 17 years but only here on Anglesey since November 2012. I supply to the general public and pubs, hotels and restaurants.

Please go to M J White Fishmongers online to find out more about us.

Dear MJ White

I love Anglesey sea food. Give me more details and a photograph or two if you wish.


May 30, 2012
Anglesey Mussels Are Brilliant!
by: Wil from Anglesey Hidden Gem

Dear Hub-UK,

The most excellent news for you.

A few weekends ago I sat with my friends for an evening's meal at the White Eagle Pub in Rhoscolyn and enjoyed a big dish of Anglesey Mussels.

They were gloriously good and I can understand your genuine enthusiasm.

When I expressed my surprise that they were available on Anglesey, I was told that the White Eagle had been trying for ages to access some of this most wonderful product of the beautiful Menai Straits.

There we are. What are you waiting for?

Tell your partner to bring a book because you are served with so many of these lovely items.

Warmest regards to all,


Apr 18, 2012
Romance and Mussels
by: Wil

Dear Ann O'Neamous

This is not a romantic dating site for people looking for men with mussels.

I'm Gemini by the way, if that helps.

I have no mussels but have a vegetable patch that is currently devoid of Anglesey rabbits.

So please direct any romance my way.


Apr 17, 2012
Anglesey Muscles
by: Anonymous

As much as I'd love to taste those mussels I'm more interested in knowing if James Wilson is single. ; )

Any help?

Apr 17, 2012
Umm Mussels!
by: laura B

Hi Wil

Whist living on Anglesey last year, I too was dismayed that you couldn't get mussels from Anglesey.

I finally found that the butcher shop in Beaumaris carried Anglesey mussels, after that - Nothing but the best mussels for my table!

One thing I think that Anglesey is (hopefully) acutely aware of is the "superstore" pushing out the local stores and farmers be it from the sea or land.

Here is the US we are trying in some areas to rebuild that local foods local table connection, leaving out the big stores.

I DID NOT shop at the "Walmart Family" store in LLangefni. Much preferring the local products available from Welsh cakes at the bakery to mussels and meat from the butcher and leeks from the farmer's market.

Missing Anglesey on a daily basis!

Yeah to Anglesey anything!

Hi again Laura

It takes an outside view to show us what we have here on Anglesey. Mussels do that Homer Simpson. "Doughnuts" thing to me.

I had Moule et Frites at the White Eagle in Rhoscolyn last year. So many and so juicy.

The chef had managed to keep chorizo out of the fish menu for once. We don't need chorizo with everything. Hasn't tried it with the rhubarb yet.

Fabulous place though, and glorious mussels.

Think of Anglesey and Llanddona Beach in a fine, golden morning mist, Laura.

My best wishes to you


Apr 17, 2012
Supermarket mentality
by: Hub-UK

I saw the section on the BBC's programme Our Food about the mussels grown in the Menai Straits between Anglesey and Bangor. I was quite shocked to hear they could not be bought in the UK supermarkets.

What is wrong with this country that we can produce great local food yet we buy in the same product from abroad?

I come from Wales and the only reason I was watching the programme was because it was featuring food from Wales.

Back in the 70s (when I still lived in Wales) I remember trying to buy lobster along the west Wales coast only to be told that there was none available because all Welsh lobster was sold to France!

Looks like times do not change. I for one would jump at being able to buy Welsh mussels in my local supermarket.

Dear Hub-UK

It's sad to learn that we cannot buy DeepDock mussels here on Anglesey; however, this does not mean we cannot buy any local mussels.

While fishmongers are more or less a thing of the past, a number of Anglesey butchers also have a section for fish. Llangefni and Beaumaris are two prime examples. There's also Irene's Fish Shop on Holyhead High Street.

For fresh lobster, my brother has been able to buy it from the butchers in Beaumaris. Local fishermen also catch and dress crab.

Just remembered, locally caught fish'n'stuff can also be bought just down from the White Eagle Pub in Rhoscolyn on the road down to Rhoscolyn beach.

Never as grim as it looks from outside. Local knowledge is everything.

Thankfully I'm here making observations and sharing.


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