Local road convention.

by John

Llanddona Beach from Wern y Wylan

Llanddona Beach from Wern y Wylan

Llanddona Beach from Wern y Wylan
Llanddona Beach
Llanddona Beach

Hi Wil,

A great piece of local knowledge. A good read and warm humour too...

A few of queries.

1. Do you know if there is a local convention on traffic direction going down from Llanddona to the beach car park on Red Wharf Bay? Is it clockwise or anticlockwise or take pot luck?
I am leading a walk from the car park in April and there may be around 8 cars, so it might help if we do what the locals do.

2. The OS map shows footpaths around Bwrdd Arthur. Is there permitted public access across the top?

3. Having read some of the other submissions, do you know if the car park toilets will be open? (April 23rd)

If you can answer these it would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Dear John

Thank you for writing to Anglesey Hidden Gem and a big thank you for your kid words.

You ask three interesting questions. I’ll start with your question about convention on driving down to the beautiful Llanddona Beach. There is no formal convention about choosing to down to the right hand side of the beach as you face out or down to the left; however, contrary to our normal inclination of keeping to the left on roads the general flow is down to the right and driving back uphill from the opposite end of the beach. Regular visitors seem to adhere to this practice so if it’s your first visit then you are ahead of
the game here.

In the many, many times I’ve visited I can only count about five times I’ve had to reverse. I probably need to apologise for dressing this journey up a bit too much. Don’t let it worry you. You will get there and you will enjoy the beach, I assure you.

Your second question about Bwrdd Arthur is easy to answer. Yes there is a public footpath up and around this promontory.

Easiest point of access is to take a look at my report on visiting Llanfihangel Din Silwy church just outside the village of Llanddona. If you’re visiting from Beaumaris then follow the road through the village for about two thirds of a mile until you come to turning on your left signposted for the church. You will hopefully find a parking space just off the road at this junction. A public footpath is signposted right here.

You’ll find other routes round, up and down yourself. Courage mon brave.

Your third question about public toilets being open. I refer you to the Anglesey County Council page on http://www.anglesey.gov.uk/planning-and-waste/recycling-and-waste/public-conveniences/.

At the bottom of this page you’ll notice a link on the Toilet Grant Scheme. Investigate this and for the available facilities follow the link to a .pdf file you can download. It’s a temporary problem that may well be sorted out by Summer.

I hope that you are reassured by the above. Nowhere is off limits.

My very best wishes to you and thanks for getting in touch.


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Mar 08, 2015
by: Wil Anglesey Hidden Gem

Dear John,

What's life without a bit of adventure, eh?

Remember to pop into The Ship in Red Wharf Bay afterwards.

So glad to help.


Mar 08, 2015
Thanks - fantastic.
by: John

Many thanks Wil. All questions fully answered in no time at all.
I thought your description of the drive down added to the attraction of the place, so I wasn't at all concerned about the challenge. Some in my group may disagree!
Superb service.

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