by Anonymous

Dear Wil

What a great website. Thank you for so many memories.

Having been brought up in Llangefni but not having returned for some years I think I preferred it as it was.

Then times change but I think of our childhood in the 50/60s was quite idyllic when you look back. There were so many busy shops The Golden Eagle, Star and E B Jones where broken biscuits were always to be bought, Guests, Siop Dicks and Express Leather, where Mr Price made our shoes and satchels last longer.

Several butchers and bakers Avondale Gwalia and Glandwr whose Bara Brith is still the best I ever tasted.

Of course we still had the Arcadia Cinema with Mrs Williams sweet shop next door. However, if we were really flush there was the treat of fish and chips at Winnie Walsh across the road.

Happy days, happy times with lovely stories on your website. Diolch yn fawr.

Annwyl Gyfaill

Braf derbyn dy lythyr. Lovely to receive your message.

I'm a 60s kid, but I do remember everything that you write about.

On the till in EB Jones was Mr Glenys Jones, the wife of Hugh Lloyd the barber. I understand fro my father that Mr Guest was a lovely man but I always found it disconcerting receiving change on Saturdays from a hand that was missing two fingers.

Glandwr bread is still the best bread and you could blindfold me and I'd still know it. Fabulous.

Winnie Walsh was a formidable women. I wonder if you remember, Siop-Chips-ar-Dan' up toward SPQR.

Please write again and this time please do leave your name. As you mention there are plenty of stories about Llangefni on Anglesey Hidden Gem and I believe that there are friends you may very well know.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Feb 26, 2014
by: Hugh Edwards


Just been reading note by 'Anonymous'. Can you or he/she remind me where the cinema used to be located in the town.

Also do you remember the shop just a bit further up from the 'Market' that used to have all those trays down the middle of the shop full of different things - toys, shoe laces etc. I seem to think it was called Peacocks.



Hi Hugh,

Arcadia CInema ewhihcv weas owned by Thomas John Jones (Tomos John Butcher) was located down from Burgess and opposite the chip shop (down those steps, you remember?). It was just down from the Freemason's Hall.

Tomos John also owned the cinema in Amlwch as well as two butchers shops in Llangefni.

Indeed, the shop was called Peacocks. It's where I went to buy caps for my toy cowboy gun, so that we could play cowboys and injuns on top of Graig. There were two ladies working there and I believe they both wore long brown (or was it blue?) shop coats.

Enquire Within About All Things, Hugh. If I can't answer then there's always someone else who can.

Hwyl o Môn,


Feb 25, 2014
Strong 'We know who you are feeling' !
by: Anonymous

After all he/she can only be one-of-us!

Absolutely idyllic is the word for Llangefni of the 50's and 60's. Even enchanting.

The lean years of the 50' - even worse the 40's - were safe, crimeless, law-abiding tee-totalers. What would they say today?

What a scourge drugs are, nothing lower, and in a once teE-total, conservative society, with a marked balanced view on everything, we're lucky to have been raised by these people.

I've lived Down Under for 40 years, and it is bad and wrong for me to simply toss aside the soils We/I sprang up from.

Embrace your Llangefni, Anglesey pastand warm your heart always.

Gordon (New Zealand)

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