by David Taylor
(Paphos, Cyprus)

Llangefni Primary School 1959

Llangefni Primary School 1959

Hi Wil

I was thrilled to see the 1959 class photograph posted on your Anglesey Hidden Gem website.

I recognise the tall pupil at centre back as Brian Thirsk and myself standing to his left as David Taylor.

Other faces look familiar but I can't recall the names at the moment.

One possible is second from right, front row as ...Slade? Hope this helps others to remember.



Dear David

Prepare to reap the whirlwind. The Terible Twins (Gordon and Andrew Weare) will pick this up and come right back at you.

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda, David
(Happy New Year)



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May 12, 2014
Not me
by: Tom Ewing

Hi David

Are you sure about this? Look at the Building.

I believe this is Penrallt Primary school,not Ysgol British, Llangefni.

I am not in this picture. Penrallt Primary class was seperate to the main Llangefni school until 1960.

"Tommy Ewing"

Jan 04, 2014
Olde school photo ?
by: Anonymous

Brian Thursk was a little older than me, so the front row kids would be far younger DTG wise [date time group] Methinks 'resemblance' is the guess here. GW

Dec 31, 2013
There ya go
by: Wil

Hi Andrew

Thank you very much. I knew you'd get in touch.

There you go, David. What did I say?

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i pawb o Llangefni nawr ar draws y byd .


Dec 31, 2013
the Good old days
by: Andrew terriblee.

At 'Brian Thirsk's right shoulder we have a lad called 'Thomas'. Middle row, right to left, we see 1st Teyrnon Powell and to Teyrnon's rt shoulder we see Geraint Davies and below Geraint my brother says is "Tommy Ewing" though I thought it might be Martin Jones the Printer fella. ? Front row girls, all in white/light/ 5th from left is wee Sheila Allum. Third one in from left front row is Patsy Peirce, the late Brian Peirce's sister. "Peirce" was the actual spelling. Middle row 2nd boy, from the left, is the troubled lad Robert Healy who lived at the "Home" on the corner, roughly across from Penry's siop. I'll leave the rest to my brother Gordon and his extraordinary memory-power !! in these historic matters and nostalgias !! Happy New Years to all our old buddies of yore !! 'Drew..

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