Llangefni Markets

by Anon

Prynhawn Da,

Glad that my little piece about Llangefni stirred a few memories for others as well. The market days were very important in Llangefni.

The cattle market brought in the farming community, men for the sale and farming news the women to do their shopping. As I said before there were a lot of shops to choose from. As I commented on someone else's memory the Thursday market was also very important because it filled the town square and the area under the Town Hall.

This is where my India Rock Llanerchymedd man sold is stock, delicious. Most of the other smallholders seemed to come from Liverpool or Manchester way, several wearing turbans on their heads, which to us in those days were very strange and unusual.

But the atmosphere was great and that is where most of my generation bought the up to date clothes of the day with great market prices.

Anyway enough ramblings, I look forward to reading many more stories on your brilliant website.

Diolch am yr atgofion hyfryd.

Diolch i chi Mr X

Beth am cael eich enw.


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Jun 20, 2024
I agree with you.
by: Wil Anglesey Hidden Gem

When I was a kid, dear anonymous, I think there were rwo rows of stalls down past the town hall and thwn back up by the river.
I haven't got a clue what is going on. Ask the County Council, Personally, I would move the market to the post office road and halve the charges for the stall holders. It might bring them back.
I ammon you side.

Jun 20, 2024
Don’t bother ! NEW
by: Anonymous

Please don’t read the rubbish about Llangefni markets, it’s non existent except for one, yes I mean one stall which is fruit and veg ! Online says 42 stalls so drove there,, luckily only from Brynteg, any further and we would have been furious.
What is wrong with the people that write this rubbish, please learn how to review and change the websites and stop putting bloody rubbish, tell the truth !
If this saves anyone the drive it will have been worth writing this !

Jul 28, 2015
One of the ironies
by: Anonymous

One of the ironies of Wales is that its people are anything but Welsh. They are the ancient Briton's, the original occupants of what is now the United Kingdom, who were driven westward by Saxon invaders. The Saxon's, both unable and unwilling to understand the language of those whose lands they had taken, dismissed them as "Welsh" - their word for foreigner.

Warmest regards

Mar 04, 2014
Another Anon!
by: Wil from Anglesey Hidden Gem

Dear Latest Anon (Gordon?)

No Thought Police in Llangefni last time I checked.

Well there used to be Mr McCloud, the policeman who lived in Ucheldre - on the corner up to Felin Graig Farm - and his thoughts were always kind and gentle toward me and my family. As were Mrs McCloud's.

Then up was Uncle Hugh and Aunty Hannah. I don't think they were thought Police either.

Anglesey Hidden Gem has brought people together from around the world.

Maybe Anon #1 was terrified of the Terrible Twins. Don't blame you really. People still shudder.

My very best wishes to you all. I'm glad to know you all.

Nos da Ynys Mon.


Mar 04, 2014
A Rich Atmosphere.
by: Anonymous

Well done, Anon.

Is that you Ian? I well remember the 'inja rock' man. And if you stood about, he gave us boys a sample, and he would say - "Dyma damad i brofi'. I can hear it now on a weekly basis today, lol.

Do you recall the photo he had of his mother, selling the rock in earlier times? Yes, both the markets had rich atmosphere. The Indians always had prices 2/11, 4/11 as opposed to 2/6, 4/6. Leaner times and where I used to get for pennies old books! Today I am still in the habit.

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