Llangefni Markets

by Anonymous

Annwyl Wil

Once again thank you for your great website. Diolch am hanesion difyr.

So glad my little piece about Llangefni brought back happy memories for others as well. I did mention in one of your other tales that the markets were also a very important part of Llangefni.

The cattle market - which had other animals in it as well - would be held every week,the farmers to catch up with each other and buy/sell animals and the wives to do the shopping, no fancy supermarkets then.

The townies who were on holiday were amazed that such animals really existed.

The Thursday market again a place of wonder to us, it filled the square and even the area under the town hall, and that is where our India Rock Llanerchymedd man's stand was, delicious.

Most other stall holders seemed to be from Liverpool/Manchester way some of them even wore turbans which in those days on Anglesey was a very rare or even unseen sight.

There were always bargains to be had, and most of our 'with it 60s gear' was bought there, and at the end of the day we could pick up left over fruit and veg for pennies, happy days when such simple things brought pleasure.

Dear Anomymous,

Pronounced 'Inja Roock Number 8'. It would be peasant surprise to come home from school on a Thursday to find that there was a bag of Number 8 Rock on the table.

The cattle market has now gone and the space is now inhabited by a supermarket, which is very sad and the place where they used to clean the lorries is now a large set of flats that really reminds me of Colditz (looks like it) when it's viewed from the cemetry. Mind you I think from the other perspective: they get up in the morning and look out over a graveyrad.

There used to be a cattle market behind GUests if I remember the folklore correctly. You'd travel through the tunnel avenue that later took you to the Huws Gray yard. That is where some appallingly cheeky act of blatant thieving used to go on in the 1950s and early 60s.

It seemed to be an unspoken contract between shop and customer.

Really nice to hear from you. I'd forgotten about Inja Roc.



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Apr 09, 2017
Inja Rock
by: Wil from Anglesey Hidden Gem

Annwyl Betty,

I haven't seen inja rick for decades, I'm sorry to report. In the Thursday Market in Llangefni a gentleman would be standing by his stand with a plate, upon which were samples of the Number 8 Roc - the essential inja rock.

You could buy a bag (chwarter or two ounces) of broken inja rock. I don't think I ever had a rod of rock, just a bagful. I used to suck at it until I could feel the tubes within.

Dark brown outside and creamy brown inside with the number 8 running through it.

Am I confused in my memories?

For those not yet worked out what inja rock was, then it's the same as seaside rock - the pink stuff with Benllech or Blackpool written through it.

Diolch Betty


Aug 28, 2016
Inja ro
by: Anonymous

I want to buy llanechamedd inja rock

Aug 28, 2016
Inhale rock
by: Betty welsh

I love in London and was brought up in Anglesey north wales the nicest and most traditional inja rock I ever tasted was an old fashioned secret recipie was from llanechameth where can I buy that now is there a web site ?

Mar 03, 2014
No.8 Rock
by: David Taylor

Dear Wil

I also remember the man with the no 8 rock stall under the town hall. He always had a sample plate with 5 or 6 pieces on it.

You were nearly always offered a piece to try. The trick was to disappear out of sight, crunch the rock as quickly as you could then, approach the stall from a different angle and hope he didn't recognise you. This resulted, occasionally, in grabbing another piece.

Good days.


Dear David

We used to call it Inja Roc. Mind you we also called Nougat, nugget.

I tried to download some images for this thread but there's a technical problem. I processed the images and then parked them somewhere.

I'll add a few pictures soon as I find them.

Thanks for getgting in touch.


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