Llangefni British School

by Anon

Terrible Twin No. 1 Andrew Weare & Wolf - Both living in Anchorage

Terrible Twin No. 1 Andrew Weare & Wolf - Both living in Anchorage

Hi Wil

Unlike the Terible Twins I enjoyed myself at Ysgol British Llangefni.

Having read their exploits I expect I was better behaved (bit of a goody two shoes). I bet they were the ones that used to play on the piles of coke in the playground!! For in those days there was no central heating but coke fires in every classroom and unless you were lucky to have a desk by the fire you were freezing.

In the main the teachers were okay. Miss Jones infants-nice, Miss Roberts standard 1- nice, Miss Williams standard 3 - Oh Dear Me!

You had the chance to be milk monitor or even ring the bell for playtime, but usually this was only for teachers favourites. Alas, I was never one of those, but in the main it was a good time when you learned but also had a childhood unlike many schools today where you have to grow up so quickly.

The only fly in the ointment were the toilets, the outside loos were horrible. I bet those twins were some of the boys that made us little girls loathe using them!

Still looking back it wasn't all bad and warm days when we could have our lessons outside on our large playing field are so far away now but happily remembered.

Dear Ms Anon

Miss Williams Standard 3? That was Miss Williams Benllech, yes? Unlike naughty boys AND naughty girls, I did get to ring the bell at break time, although
I never got to sit next to the coke fire.

There was also Miss Jones Gwalchmai and Mrs Jones Talwrn.

It was also a cruel time whose memory makes me very uncomfortable when I think of the poor children of today. More of them today. We'd queue up for lunch outside the canteen. Boys one side, girls the other then would go out the call for Free School lunches and they would have to step forward to queue separately. Poor kids.

The outside toilets were also gloriously appallingly bad and smelly, despite Mr Jones Caretaker's best efforts. I think we boys used to compete for who could pee highest up the wall. Would you young ladies have had a go at that?

My father told me about Mr Jones Caretaker after they marched on Remembrance Sunday. Mr Jones served in the Far East during the War and was Mentioned in Dispatches after he crawled out into the open under searing enemy fire and pulled a friend back under cover.

How many of you out there knew that about Mr Jones. I always think of him and that incident when I see his son, Richard. I believe he would have received an Oak Cluster for his astonishing courage.

On Friday afternoon in Summer we would pay rounders on the school yard with Mr Looms (he of the Bastille) in charge. We would play football until we were dragged back into class.

You're right Ms Anon. They were lovely times.

Happy Easter


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Jan 25, 2021
by: Dafydd Slade

Miss Williams 3A. Hen fwgan o ddynes. Also known as Tarw Benllech. I used so scared of her. Luckily I was a fairly good boy I only got a few cletses (smack across the face) and the cane only twice.

Not sure why I got a smack in the face, for being in the wrong place perhaps. The first cane was for a spelling mistake. Multiple whacks across the knuckles with her conductors wooden baton. The second was during "singing lessons". These were really scary sessions of torture. I think my crime was to giggle. I held my hand out and received a massive whack with an enormous ruler - at least 3 foot long and fairly wide. I was expecting severe agony. I barely felt a thing. Learnt a good scientific lesson about surface area and pressure.

Feb 09, 2020
Ysgol British No More
by: William

Dear Anonymous

I attended that school under Mr J R Williams, the headmaster who had a little moustache I never liked.

The school has been lying ignored for so many years and falling to bits. It has been an eyesore for too long and made that part of Llangefni look untidy.

However, my memories of the school remain undimnished. Mostly joyful, playing football in the main yard. Teachers were Mrs Jones Gwalchmai, Mrs Morgan (Rhys's grandmother), Miss Pritchard, who I still meet now and then and looks remarkable for her eighty years, the lovely Mrs Catherine Jones, who I also see and have a conversation with now and then. Mrs Williams Benllech in the room opposite the hall with the coke brazier where we'd all prop our shoes near to dry. Then Mr Looms (least said soonest mended).

Glad for the good memories and glad the damn things' gone at last.

Sorry if your're offended, but you struck a nerve there.

Thanks for writing in.

William Gerwyn

Dec 26, 2019
Ysgol British is no more.
by: Anonymous

The emergency services were called around 5.30 tonight Boxing Day2019,the building was ablaze five appliances attended. The upper end of Bridge Street closed to traffic and the Demolition contractor who was due to start pulling the property down was called in to knock down some of the remaining structure deemed unsafe by the fire service.

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