how safe are the beaches?

Hi Wil

We love Llanddwyn, had many happy days there. we usually find a cove to ourselves and hole up for the day! Bringing family to the beach on Wednesday 12th, and just wondering about tides and swimming. When the tide is on the way out, are there any rip tides etc we should be aware of, - need to know so that the kids can swim safely?

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Aug 21, 2020
Sea swimming treadur bay NEW
by: CwtchSws

Im visiting TB 1st week September.
Would like to go sea swimming. Is it safe to swim in the sea at TB This time of the year. And where is the safest bay / beach to swim please?

Aug 07, 2016
Rip tides
by: Wil from Anglesey Hidden Gem

I'll be honest with I don't know everywhere with dangerous currents.

As a surfer I've put warnings for Aberffraw. So watch it here. Information on the page. Cymyran Beach in particular is worth care especially if you have children with you. At Cymyran the river from the inland sea rushes out at fair old pace and people have drowned here.

The rule is always simple, if in doubt ask someone on the beach. Surfers and windsurfers are the people to ask. Also, I would also guide you to make an enquiry with Anglesey county council. It has an officer, John I think, who is based in Menai Bridge, as part of the coastal water and boat safety team who will know. Phone the council 01248 750057 and ask for the department first rather then advice. Get through to John who can advise.

Also, there is a coastguard centre on Newry Beach in Holyhead. Contact them. They are extremely professional and helpful.

Then, in Trearddur Bay, you have the Lifeboat station. Very helpful.

In other words, go ask the experts.

Good luck, take care and have fun.

Nos da,


Aug 07, 2016
rip tides/currents.
by: Alex

Just been down to beautiful Anglesey, surprised how few were in the water. I spotted lots of jellyfish, perhaps they would deter a few.

My question though is, are there any dangerous beaches where rip currents occur?

Though the sea looked tempting, there were no signs to say one way or the other. The absence of bodyboarders and swimmers made me wary. Thanks.

Aug 11, 2015
Safe swim beaches.
by: Drewy bach.

As a boy, we lost school children during the Summers of early to mid 1960's One drowned at Rhosneigr another lad I knew drowned at Benllech, another lad 'Tommy' got drifted out on his 'lilo' by currents at Benllech. Benllech beach is a place I'd never trust, I came close to drowning there too. . The only beach I would dare to swim at is my beloved TREADDUR BAY. The tide, in at a certain point, affords joyous diving down to the sandy bottom to see the wee crabs point their pincers at you.. Treaddur bay is rather well enclosed also. I have swam there very very often with buddies. Treaddur bay..for me any time, any other cove, inlet, porth, I would dread and stay safely away from.

Aug 10, 2015

by: William

Dear Visitor

I hope that you can understand why I can't offer you such information in case I get I wrong. I used to swim off Rhosneigr most and can advise on that area with confidence, however, the best advice I can offer you is to go to beaches and swimming areas where other people are also swimming.

As an adult, we can make our own assessments because we like to embrace risks. I will take risks myself but the person next to me must make his or her own choices.

For safe swimming with young children, stuck to the more popular beaches.

The only absolute No No for swimming with kids is Crigyll Beach near Rhosneigr where the water rushes down from Fourmile Bridge and has swept individuals out to be discovered later.

Above all, be safe. You're here for a holiday for Heaven's sake!

Hope you enjoy your stay.

My very best wishes to you


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