Halcyon Days at Llanddona Beach

by Jean A Lewis

Llanddona Beach Anglesey

Llanddona Beach Anglesey

Dear Wil

My first real holiday as a child was spent at a Farm in Llanddona.

We returned year after year, I am in my seventies now and have done much travelling, but the memories of those days in Llanddona, the view from one of the windows that overlooked the beach.

The long summer days spent trudging up and down to the beach - No cars then - finally reaching the church at the bottom of the steepest part of the hill and then the glory that is Llanddona Beach.

There were no cafes then, just the sand the waves and you. Sheer Bliss

These are indelible memories that will stay with me forever.

Jean A Lewis

Dear Jean

I don't know if you've heard about Gravitational Anomalies, but simply put it means that land which once bore the weight of glaciers continues to rise to this very day.

What I'm saying is that the hills seem steeper every year I try walking up them.

I am so glad to have been able to remind you of wonderful Summer days on Anglesey.

Please write again to share more memeories with us. We really appreciate reading about them.

Best wishes to you


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Jan 05, 2017
Family lived in llandona many years ago
by: Linda

My mam Vivian Jones nee Williams lived in Llanddona for many years.

She lived in Mona house with her grandmother Mary Williams, two aunties - Florry and Jenny - her mother Ellen and her 2 sisters jean and florance.

My mam left when she was in her twenties. Now in her late 80s she often talks about her life there and how she, her sisters and aunties worked in the hotel there from age 14 until her twenties. It was a hard life but a happy life for her.

Mam loves telling us about the school and time spent on the beach. Her father was also from Llanddona, Jack Jones, who died in his 40s and I believe he lived in Mona house with his parents before my name family.

I wonder if anyone is still there that remembers them?



Apr 27, 2015
Witches Cafe in Llanddona
by: William

Hi John

Wil here from Anglesey Hidden Gem. I don't think I have heard of the Witches Cafe in Llanddona.

When was it there so at least I can ask about it with family and friends? Was it down on the beach or in the village above, as your message suggests?

I would appreciate more information if you have the time to write back.

My best wishes to you and your precious ones.


Apr 08, 2015
Village Cafe 1965
by: John

Hi Wil

I have been frustrated at every turn in discovering what happened to the Witches Café.

In the summer of '65 I was fortunate to spend most of my holiday in the delightful company of Jenny Williams, I am hoping that Ewan is her brother and could possibly provide any news of what the future held for her and what happened to the cafe.

Sep 14, 2014
by: Ron

Hi All

it's nice to read little snippets about Llanddona. I lived in the village from 1965 to 1977 and have many happy childhood memories.

The house we lived in was called Glyndwr and it was next to the school;that was many years before the pub took the name and in fact the pub was three shops:one being the post office.

Does anyone remember a guy called Alun Jones, he lived in Bwlch Farm by the radio mast? He was a school teacher and headmaster of many schools on Anglesey.

Best wishes


May 20, 2012
Where I Was Born
by: Anonymous

Hi Wil

My name is Evan Williams and I was born in Llanddona in the house that is now the Owain Glyndwr Pub.

I left in my twenties and am now 66 years of age but still love and miss beutiful Llanddona.

Hwyl fawr


Sut mai Evan,

Thanks for getting in touch and I am so glad that Anglesey Hidden Gem has reminded you of where you were born.

Llanddona really is a wonderous place and I have driven around that south eastern peninsula of Anglesey so often that I love the anticipation of what is around the next corner.

One of my favourite places is White Beach and getting lost along those lovely narrow roads.

My very best wishes to you and please write to us again to share your stories.

Nos da


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