I have vague memories of my grandfather, Richard Evans (son of Evan Evans / Ifan Ifas) of Gwalchmai, telling stories of how tramps would frequent the farm (Pen y Bryn Uchaf).

The only name I remember was "Washi Bach", he seemed to have a special place in their hearts .... but the children, being children, were a little less kind, and were prone to play tricks on him.

This is all I remember from my grandfather. Being a youngster, I paid little notice to the stories ... something I now regret.

I will ask around the older generation of my family (who were children at the time), they may have some stories.

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Aug 16, 2020
Washi Bach
by: Ron Roberts

Hello Wil

Washi Bach used to visit my Nain a Taid’s at Hafod Llwyn, Gwalchmai, probably once a year. I remember him from the mid50’s onwards. I was about six years when I first saw him. Washi would never come near farm if Taid or visiting family present, but I was ok!

I genuinely think he was fond of Nain. If he arrived near amser cinio he would get a hot meal, otherwise a huge sandwich. He had to wash his hands first though!

He carried a book in his overcoat pocket, Nain said it was German.

I believe he was quite well read, though obviously very quiet.

He would thank Nain graciously then she would give him a wrapped up sandwich, some other food, tea leaves and a sixpence.

He did help Nain once. When she was gathering sheep poo into a hessian sack to soak in a 45gal drum of water for her tomatoes, WB took over and brought back loads!

Nain would give me an uffar o row if I passed any derogatory comment about him.

When I last saw him was about 15, probably 1965-65, and then being well over 6’ tall he stopped coming to the door until Nain called. Perhaps he was a bit wary?

Then he had a dreadful cough. Nain gave him a botal of ffisig with strict instructions to go to the doctors house in Gwalchmai. He never did of course.

I thought once he was ex military perhaps?


Jun 19, 2015
Gwr o Walchmai a Washi Bach
by: William

Thank you for writing to Anglesey Hidden Gem about Washi Bach. I am pleased to have given you cause to remember - and, like the rest of us, to experience a twinge of regret at not listening for stories we'll never now know.

Do you have any more stories about Gwalchmai? My great grandparents lived in Cefn Frost and then moved to Glanrhyd in Llynfaes. Six lived in what is still just a little house at Cefn Frost. Washi was a regular visitor at Glandrhyd.

Anyway, please pop by again with some tales to share.

Best wishes from not all that far away.



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