Genealogy Gleanings.

by Drew
(Alaska, USA.)

Hello Folks,

I am looking at 'Sir Richard Waldie Griffith' said 'owner' of the estate of land, 180 odd acres, called 'Pencraig' circa 1867.

He died circa. 1879. he had no 'issue' and gave the estate to an "Aunt".

Records bear from published works where we see "of Pencraig, Llangefni" - a Lt.Col. Robert Bramston Smith and his wife Elizabeth Charlotte Griffin, the daughter of Sir Richard John Griffin, 1st Baron of Munster Grillagh. So, we have Lt.Col. Robert Bramston Smith and his wife Elizabeth.

They had issue:-
1. John Robert Bramston Smith (later of **Dromore, Cork).

2. Richard Griffith Oliver Smith, born 1876.

3. Grace Frances -Smith (more later) and,

4, Elizabeth Matilda "Maud" Smith, who married John. A. R. Newman. JP of **Dromore, Cork.
Grace.F. and Husband Lt.Col.Phibbs, had a daughter, "H.T.Phibbs" who married a "Daniell" which is where we find clearly then a Mrs ! "H.T.Daniell".

We are dealing with Irish records too here and I note names 'Griffith' and 'Griffin'. The mispelt Llangefni' was amusing but the incumbent had no big problem writing "Pencraig".

Now it's going to be fun trying to join the dots and pin down our Brigadier Robert Bramston Thesiger Daniell into some view as to who his parents were.

I'll try to "Bring Out The Bramston" and resolve the 'pickle'...Drew.

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Dec 06, 2015
Lawrence of Arabia.
by: 'Drewy bach.

Colonel. T.E. Lawrence ( of Arabia ) was born right here in North Wales in 1888.

His 'home' is still standing and lived in today in Tremadog. I have yet to get down to the 'fun' of joining some dots that will zig here and zag there, but...

I know that I can join up some dots that would link me and my mother's mother's side to connect me to Col. Thomas Edward Lawrence (of Arabia.) This is only a dotty connection researched entirely for fun purposes.

Lawrence born 1888 same year as both my grandfathers, paternal & maternal. So no, it is not as if I can indulge delusional bragging rights and call "Lawrence" my favourite "uncle" or chatted in a pub with him about his exploits ! My mother's mother, nee Lambert hailed her Lambert surname from Galway, Eire. Two males in this lineage surnamed Lambert, married ladies of the surname "Featherstone- Hough".

This 'Featherstone- Hough' family provides the grandparents/great- grandparents of T.E. Lawrence. ( This might be behind my urge to want to ride a camel ?) Further research pending.

May 04, 2015
Hoofed into the Ethers
by: William

Hi Andrew

I'm afraid Denis was seeking to use the site as a means to bring in a bit of unwanted software and self advertising.

He has been flung out into the ethers and will definitely not be coming back.

Sorry for that, I was intrigued until I tapped the link.

Sorry about that folks,


Mar 12, 2015
Bramston Smith's.
by: Drewi "bach."

Denis, let me know of your findings re, the Bramston genealogy ..Thank you 'Drew.

Feb 24, 2014
Central Registration 1826.
by: Andrew. W.

Churches and their parishes, prior to the 1826 Bill that brought us Central Registry, were and are, the places to glean family history records.

Some parish records are better than others and this depended entirely upon the degree of literacy of the incumbent writing in the said records.

One case during my researches, yielded an enormous amount of great information by someone clearly taking records seriously and furthermore, respectfully. For example, name, sex, age, even an address or reference to a spouse and their businesses or trades. Cause of death and place of burial. All the good stuff!

Later, in the earlier part of 1800's the incumbents written records deteriorated because eventually, in many cases, the job was given to a semi-illiterate Gravedigger. EG. "Woman buried back yard." vagueness and other sparsities of good information. EG. "Drowned man buried." or "Woman named Sarah buried." And such was the case with the then, "baptisms" "Marriages and burials" for records.

Advent the Central Registry Act ane now have the humourously, "Hatches, Matches and Dispatches" Law for Births, Marriages and Deaths, giving us excellent information and even certification.

Check your local Family History Society in your County and your Ref'-Library.

Dec 31, 2013
The Highlander'.
by: Andrew terriblee.

One of my forebears: Nathaniel Gunn, born in 1808 in Bower, Caithness, at the age of seventeen, into "The 93rd. Regiment of Foot''These soldiers were reputed to be the "best educated" of all other regiments. The historic "Thin Red Line" (oil paintings) at the Crimean War was his Regiment, though I don't think Nathaniel was there. Neither was he at 'Waterloo'He was a "lucky" in betweener !Anyone remember Peter Stubley ? Peter indeed had a forebear that "died of wounds at Waterloo' and was "Rifleman Shaw" a then noted barefist boxer.
My forebear Nathaniel was billeted at Fermoy in Co. Cork at a huge barracks thereabouts. In 1837 he married a Welsh girl called "Annie" there in Fermoy; she hailed from Llanfairisgraig/Caernarfonshire. My guess is, she was a daughter of a Welsh Regiment. They had a dau'. born 1838 and named her Annie Jane Gunn who herself married one Stubbs Lambert, near Toxteth, Liverpool in about 1861. They had four sons, one of which is one of my Great-Granpa's. Nathaniel Dennis Lambert and his aunt was one Isabella Lambert, the very mother of Sir/Lord/Baron/ Edward Carson.QC. the prosecutor in Oscar Wilde's trial per the suit of ther Marquess of Queensbury. Nathaniel was later a British Rail electrician, our common working man, cousin to a Peer ! These Lambert's descended from one plain "John Lambert" born circa 1642, (( NOT to be confused with the contemporary Cromwellian 'Major-General' of the same name.)) see Errata. From here: see Annie Jane (nee Lambert's ) son from a later relationship, one Isaac Woodalls of Holyhead who lost his life in the shipping disaster, a collision, a storm, when the livestock carrier, SS. Labrador (Dublin) sliced mid beam into the passenger ship SS. Connimara - a beautiful looking ship, out of Holyhead .. see webs for history. Save one from bangor, the entire crew of the SS. Connimarra were from Anglesey.

Dec 16, 2013
by: Drewi Bach.

Historians, I really believe, have made a great error that has persisted for a century or more. The misleading cause is due to the namesakes. One, a John Lambert, later Major-General, of Carlton, Yorks, heralded in history; as Oliver Cromwell's man. However, contemporarily, we find another plain "John Lambert" of the very same era. This John Lambert dwelt at Creg Claire, Co. Galway and served in the "Earl of Clanricarde's Regt. part of the Duke of Ormond's Army.
Add that, there is seen no connection, genealogically, between the Major-General. John Lambert b.1619- d. 1684. and the aforementioned "Crag Claire' in Co. Galway, Eire. This remains "in errata" and has midlead several Genealogists over the past century. I remain open however. But thus far, I find the current train of thought making much sense. Thus far.

Jul 20, 2012
Oliver Cromwell, Civil War.
by: Drew bach.

In a gravesite at Maeshyfryd Road, Holyhead are one Harry Lambert and a Kate Ross Williams. nee Lambert. Two rather ordinary working class folks born in the mid-late 1800's.

Their Great-grandfather was Peter Lambert, a JP. and a Captain in the Galway Militia, born circa 1790 and died 1844, of the "Lambert's of Castle Ellen & Lambert, Galway, Eire.

Isabella Lambert the JP's daughter had a son, later - Sir, Lord, Baron/ Edward Carson QC, the prosecutor at Oscar Wilde's trial and whose Dublin office once employed Bram Stoker, author of 'Dracula'- as a clerk.

Castle's Lambert & Ellen estates were the inheritance handed down from one Major-General John Lambert, b. 1619 - d.1684. a Parliamentary soldier and Oliver Cromwell's 'Chief-of-Staff'.

Peter Lambert's 1st wife was Eleanor Seymour d. 1826 from the "Wiltshire" Seymours, whose notables include familiars such as Lady Jane Seymour and her sister-in-law, Catherine Parr whose daunting closeness to Henry VIII history records.

The exploits of The Major-General John Lambert 1619-1684 can now be read, thanks to the author/scholar David Farr, under the Boydell Press, whose stunning account gives great credit to an amazing Yorkshireman, John Lambert.

Jul 19, 2012
Other 'Thesiger' names.
by: Drew bach.

Born 1910 Wilfred Thesiger, writer & explorer.
Born 1879 Earnest Thesiger, a London stage 'actor' noted for acting "Frankenstein'..
How and if, these names connect to the above lineage of our esteemed Brigadier Robert.B. T. Daniell, DSO and Bar, remains to be seen.

Mar 02, 2011
Griffith genealogies.
by: Andrew

There is a whole stack of information to be garnered on;- There now, the fun of finding out commences yet again.

Feb 19, 2011
Waldie-Griffiths genealogy.
by: 'Drew.

Thank you James for the item on the 'Waldie Griffiths' genealogy.

There can be found these so-named in Irish records.

I'd write in on Google: "Waldie-Grifiths, Ireland,'' and see where it leads...I shall do the same, and place anything that perks my ears onto this page.


Feb 19, 2011
Sir Richard Waldie Griffith
by: james atkinson


I have been researching the Waldie Griffith family and it says on this site that Sir Richard died in 1879 without issue. The 1st Richard Griffith married Jane Waldie Hendersyde Park Kelso and drew the geological map of Ireland

They had one son, George Richard Waldie Griffith that was how the 'Waldie' came to be in the name.

Sometime around 1850 Richard Griffith was made a knight for the work he did and became Sir Richard Waldie Griffith.

His son George Waldie Griffith had one son and two daughters. His son married three times and had no issue. He was born 1850 and died 1933 and left a widow who died in 1955. His name was Sir Richard Waldie Griffith.

I would like to hear from anyone with any imformation.


Jan 12, 2011
Finally !
by: Andrew..

The full name is affirmed, that of Claremont John Daniell born 1835 and affirmed, married the daughter of William Princep.

Further info found here at St.Paul's church, Canterbury.

Anymore genealogies? Anyone??


Jan 12, 2011
"Anonymous" is 'Andrew Weare'.
by: Anonymous

The update upon the Thesiger Family is by me - Andrew from Alaska (USA)

Jan 12, 2011
Further discoveries:-
by: Anonymous

Bear in mind errata by the earlier incumbents may exist, such is Genealogy.

The esteemed Brigadier Robert Bramston Thesiger Daniell DSO* (1901-1997), indeed had a sister, Clare Thesiger Daniell, (1899 -?). Also a brother, Anthony P De T Daniell, born 1813 at Cobham, Surrey.

Records say the Brigadier was born "in Pencraig". Yet another states "in Middlesex".

Parents of the above three siblings were "Harry Daniell and wife Maud Phibb" who married in 1895.

Note:- the name "Harry" then, was used often for those named 'Henry'. This, to bear in mind as we do have a "Henry Thesiger Whiteman Daniell" lurking around this area "born in Southampton".

"Harry Daniell" was born circa 1852. He had a sister Fanny Nina Daniell (b. 1851 d. 1943) who married into a Cruickshank family. Another sister here Mabel Daniell (b. circa 1855).

These three were the children of Claremont Daniell,born in China 1835 - a clergyman of the East India Co. who was the tutor to the daughters of King George the Third.

It is safe to say that Claremont Daniell married Fanny Louisa Prinsep (b. Calcutta 1836).

A recent auction at Christies revealed two rare tables within one was found the name label of "Henry Thesiger Daniell, Pencraig" !!

Thanks to Gen-forum. Other family data found in Irish records.

Any questions I shall try to answer, but I think this covers our immediate curiosities.

Thank you Clare Thesiger Daniell family for all your service.

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