First school

by Ruth
(Llanrhos )

Ysgol Penrhoslligwy School is part of me - my first school.

Mr Evans was the HeadTeacher and Mrs Roberts was on the Staff. Miss Owen from Amlwch was the Cook.

I lived a mile away in the Pilot Boat Inn and I loved the summer months when 'visitors' arrived. I'm wondering if some who did are on this Site.
Thank you Wil.

Ruth x

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Sep 06, 2018
by: Anonymous

Have read subsequent comments and am impressed. I
remember a lady teacher back then and she was very kind no doubt making up for Mr Evans. I was born in late 1934 so was about seven years old when we moved to Dulas. The legless man lived past Dulas going up the hill towards Amlwch. His house was on the left of the road. My brother and I will never ever forgive him for what cruelty he inflicted upon us. I still hope he rots in hell. I know it's sad, but the pain remains with me to this day, some 70+ years later. Why oh why did he do this to such young children. Even so we now live our retired life in Wales!!!! Yes it, including Anglesey is a beautiful place, but sadly some of it's people did let it down. We walked past the Pilot Inn on our way to school each day and had an elder sister staying in Bodafon. WE have fond memories of Dad, who was in the army, visiting us and being given two live geese in a bag for Christmas!!! We used to play on Bodafon mountain, one day I lost a shoe as we scrambled to escape an adder. Needless to say I had to go back and retrieve my shoe with a foot full of thorns.
Not too recently my brother and I went to Llangefni to look up the old school records.
Perhaps more anon. with kind wishes Ken

Aug 29, 2018
by: Ruth

So sorry to read this account of your stay in Dulas and experience in Penrhoslligwy school

I too went to that school for a few years and therefore remember Mr Evans. miss Roberts and Miss Owen canteen.

Where was the farm ..not many of them there.

I hope some day you can put it all behind you.

Aug 29, 2018
by: William Gerwyn

Dear Anonymous,

I think that you and your sister came across some mean spirited people who used you two as scapegoats for their misery.
If you were on the east side of the island in the Mynydd Bodafon area then that is very rural indeed and in the 1940s would have been very isolated. Barely a bus would have travelled that way across a week. People would have lived very insular lives and anyone from the outside would have been a very strange stranger.

I am so sorry that the attitudes of almost eighty years ago still cause you injury and I ask you to read more of this website because that is who we are among ourselves and with others.

Us grown ups can stand or fall by our own abilities and efforts; however, undermining and damaging children of any age before they've even started out on life properly is unforgiveable.

Put it behind you and look for better memories to lift you up. The past is dead and you can have no influence on it, so don't let it have influence and bugger up your day.

Best wishes

William Gerwyn

Aug 29, 2018
by: Anonymous

Went to this school in 1942/3. Mr Evans was the Head Master then and sadly he didn't like us foreigners from Birkenhead. In those days my brother wrote left-handed and was stopped from doing so - had to use his right hand. My sister was billeted on a nearby farm and was coming into school ravenous. She got scurvy and was sent back
to Mum to recover. My brother and I were at Dulas and walked to school come rain or shine. Not unusual for us to sit in wet clothes all day.So not a happy time for us - went home in 1944.
Another example of the Welsh not loving us too much. One day - a legless farmer gave my brother and I some scissors and shown to a field. We spent the whole day cutting down thistles !!!!Our fingers were raw with pain. Have a nice Day

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