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Hi there,

Firstly we really love your site - it's extremely well written and sells Anglesey very well!!!!

I'm writing because we are visiting Anglesey this August. We are staying at Llys Dulas and can't wait to explore the estuary and surrounding countryside. We have one concern about tide times and must confess to knowing very little about how they work etc. The house we are renting states it cannot be accessed at high tide. My question is as follows;

How much time per day is the house likely to be accessible and how far in advance can you predict the tide times (notwithstanding prevailing weather conditions)?

I hope you can help – if not don’t worry as I’m sure we will find out when we arrive.

Many thanks


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Jun 23, 2011
Dulas - Tide Times
by: Wil - Anglesey Hidden Gem

Dear John

I am delighted to be able to help.

I hope that you have a lovely couple of weeks.

You are in a fabulous part of Anglesey with delightful coastal walks both north and south. Also, just up the road is Mynydd Bodafon.

Check my blog page for news on that.

There a great smokery at ... Deri Fawr (Derimon Smokery). Go back to the main road and there's a turning opposite the chapel. Follow the signs. No advert just great food.

Be well and be happy


Jun 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hi Wil,

Thanks very much for the great response.

Much appreciated and will definitely take up your advice.

Many Thanks


Jun 20, 2011
Dulas Tide Timetable
by: Wil

Dear John

First of all, a bit of appropriate advice.

I know exactly where you'll be going so make sure to ask the cottage owners for an appropriate tide timetable.

However, just to give you a head's-up of how the tides work. The figures you need (dates/times/low water/high water) are all calculated against Liverpool Docks at Greenwich Mean Time and a specific deduction of time is offered for specific location tide times.

In your case, it's either Amlwch or Moelfre. Geographically, it is closer to Moelfre, which is a lovely walk away to the south about forty minutes at an extremely leisurely pace across Lligwy Beach.

Below I offer you two links that may give you a heads up on calculations:


This link offers you the August figures for Liverpool. Find the table for August 2011 and the dates for your visit.

Now, check this link,


This page will show you how to make a calculation of Low Water for any particular day. The actual local heights I'm uncertain about, nonetheless what you need are the Low Water Times.

You then need to deduct a time variation from Liverpool to Moelfre. BE AWARE THAT TIDE TIMES ARE ALL IN GREENWICH MEAN TIME.

This is very important at the edges of your time window for access and egress.

The Moelfre tide time deduction is Minus 26 minutes according to current tide time tables.

If the Liverpool Low Water is 3:00pm (GMT) on a specific date in August, first of all, add an hour to bring it to British Summer Time.

That makes the Liverpool Figure 4:00pm.

Now subtract 26 minutes and you're left with a Low Water Tide Time of 3:34pm for Moelfre.

This is just a fictitious example in order to demonstrate a local tide calculation.

I hope that makes sense.

You can purchase a tide timetable booklet in most coastal village stores and main newsagents.

Also, because this tidal lagoon is very flat and low, you'll be able to see quite clearly when the tide's coming in.


Just make sure you have a fridge full of wonderful fare. It's a lovely place to stop and listen at sunset. Check out my Dulas Evening Amble.

The information I offer is merely technical data and while the calculation formula is correct the figures employed are all fictitious.


Once you're settled in I'm sure it'll be something you get used to quickly.

Let me know if I can help in any other way.


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