Cae Sêl y Gwartheg. Llangefni Cattle Stockyard

by Gordon Weare
(New Zealand)

Thursday, dydd Iau, and cattle market day. Yippee!! Cows, moch (pigs), ieir (chickens), defaid (sheep) a buchod mawr (big cows).

It was a busy place, like an opening scene in some Abilene sale. Cae Sêl was the mass gathering of all the farm animals of the world! The sheep and lambs were cute, the little pigs, too. Give them a pat and a rub, but not the big black, horned beefs and bulls. Just stand back and watch the hard men of the Anglesey farming world do their stuff.

Colours were 'branded' on; stickers with numbers glued to hides, and the one that made us all flinch - clipping ears - Ouch! The mochyn (pig) squealed, the sheep jumped up, the beefs had their heads jammed in a V-shaped lever job in a narrow pen, and then clipped.

Lorries with ramps backed up, and crowds of animals would be directed into them.

Auctioneers yelling like a running drain, numbers that wrought twitches, ear rubs, nose touches, paper waving.. I hear the rhythm and it ended with a 'Hup abubba hup - Done!.

Yes, as boys we were outdoor types and nothing less.

To cross a field on Talwrn Road, Llangefni, one had to negotiate a bull. If he was down the other end, and you got
half way and he started to run, then your chance of reaching the other side was good.

However, if he stood amidships - forget it, you have to go all the way round. I got half way one day, then ran like mad, leaping the fence well, landing on my.. leaves. I turned around and his head was staring at me over the wires. Pays to keep fit.


Plas Pencraig <br>Llangefni

Oh, Gordon bach,

You last visited in 1997 and the old stockyard was there. Probably redundant, but nonetheless there.

When the site was redeveloped Llangefni Town Council had the common sense to call the new road Ffordd Cae Sêl.

That means when children from the primary school walk around town with their note books and crayons, they can ask their teacher, "Why's it called Ffordd Cae Sêl?"

At least we can tell them.

We can also tell the children that things change and unless they stand up and be counted then there will be nothing left to remind the future of the past.

Someone in the County Council wanted to knock down the Town Hall. My father was disgusted and angry. "How many men from Llangefni," he asked, "stood here before marching off to war and never coming back?"

Up to people like you and me and our stories, Gordon.


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Feb 18, 2014
Weekly Market
by: Anonymous

There was also the Thursday market in the town square. So large and colourful, you could buy almost anything and people came from far and wide to visit, especially during the summer months. If you we're in Anglesey on holiday then Thursday was always market day in Llangefni. Then come the winter it was where Christmas presents were bought and also the fruit and veg holly and mistletoe. The people on the stalls were real characters especially the rock man from Llanerchymedd.

Jan 19, 2012
LLangefni Town Hall.
by: Anonymous


Please don't even contemplate touching Llangefni Town Hall.

It is the apple of the eye to the town's heart, Please not the town hall. Whatever next? The town clock?

Great rock n' rollers played at the hall, THE BLACK DIAMONDS, Skiffle, Jive, and the girls wore bobbysox and impressive dresses...etc.

REAL 1950's 'Rock Around The Clock' stuff - and our hall had a real clock made of rock!

Please do not tear out my heart and heritage and the clusters of vibrant memorie. It's just too hard to bear.

You could hear the guitars & drums from outside, and envied those with tickets.

Gordon Weare.

Jan 19, 2012
Atgofion Cae Sel - Market Day Memories
by: Anonymous


Wedi treilio llawer o amser yn cae sel,yn colli ysgol a wastio amser.

Twm Cweiriwr oedd enw y dyn oedd yn torri tylla yn clustia'r anifeiliad. A Gareth Sel oedd enw'r drover arall. 'Roedd yn byw yn y tai cyngor yn Isgraig, Llangefni.

Wil translates:


I passed much time indeed in the Cattle Market, missing school and wasting time.

Twm Cweiriwr (Tom the Castrator) was the name of the man who cut holes in the animals’ ears. And Gareth Sel was the name of the other drover. Gareth lived in the council houses in Isgraig.

Is it you Gordon? Cymraeg da unwaith eto.

It seemed as if the whole world smelled of cow poo and every farmer's boots covered in green stuff. Happens to be the colour of cow poo, as experts out there will confirm.

Both Twm and Gareth have gone to their reward. I think Gareth lived in the Council house right next to the Fire Station in Isgraig, Llangefni. His brother is Eifion. Llangefni Town FC's greatest supporter.

Now and again there would be the exchange of the odd ten bob note and off one of the gathered agrarians would disappear into The Dingle for a bit of 'How's your father' - allegedly.


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