Once you know where the Bryngwyn Stones are, then you will see them every time as you travel between Brynsiencyn and Dwyran on Anglesey’s south west coast.

Castell Bryngwyn Ancient Monument

These very large Standing Stones near Castell Bryngwyn seem surrounded more by romantic notions than any firm archaeological facts.

As I have written on other Ancient Anglesey History pages on Anglesey Hidden Gem the real purpose attached to henges and henge stones is almost always lost in the mists of time.


To the stones themselves. As the images reveal they are far from symmetrical and while one possesses the ancient esoteric nobility we attach to henge stones the other appears as vertical blade.

The taller blade stone stands at almost 14 feet and 10 feet wide, which makes it one of the largest standing stones on Anglesey.

Across the gateway, which they form, the bulkier of the two stands at over 10 feet and at its widest is about 91/2 feet across. Again, this partner stone is also among the biggest of the Isle of Anglesey standing stones.

The only unique geological observation about these two stones is that they are apparently chloritic schist, not indigenous to Anglesey.

If stones can ever be regarded as indigenous. They seem beyond that. Anyway, not being a geologist, I cannot make any firm comments on geological provenance.

Castell Bryngwyn Ancient Monument


Now familiarity with standing stones, Stonehenge for instance, immediately leads us to intuitively convey distinctive Neolithic religious purpose to all such discrete or congregated stones we encounter.

However, again this may not necessarily be the case with the Bryngwyn Stones.

Similar to other stones that you may encounter standing aloof in the centre of Anglesey fields, their purpose may be otherwise.

These other stones have always been regarded as Scratching Stones.

So if you are seeking to geo-locate(!) these and work out Ley Lines of ancient power across the Island, do be warned that you may merely be drawing lines connecting BASPs - Bovine Arse Scratching Points.

What ancient esoteric power these may have has not been researched yet. So you may well be opening a new field of study.

If you’re going to use your divining rod on these then do watch out for infection.

Castell Bryngwyn Ancient Monument

Castell Bryngwyn Ancient Sanctuary


No archaeological evidence has been discovered here to indicate any specific intent in the placement of the two Bryngwyn Stones here.

Further, to offer a further perspective on size and also on peasant living, it should be known that a small cottage once used these as gable ends.

However, the question remains: What are these two quite massive standing stones doing here, if not as some significant religious statement?

Two fields away you’ll find Castell Bryngwyn, which has an archaeological recordable history based on artefacts discovered and comparative designs. Castell Bryngwyn’s history reaches back to the Neolithic, Iron Age and post the Roman Invasion of Anglesey.

It is from the proximity to the ancient site at Castell Bryngwyn that historians have inferred a similar significance to the Bryngwyn Stones.

William Stuckley's 18th Century romantic ruminations have forever contaminated and confused the unknown history of both Druids and pre-Druidic history. Much like the Legends of King Arthur.

The publication of the book, Mort D’Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory (including his own creative input) seems to have become an adopted version from which comes our common knowledge of King Arthur.

The same can also be said of William Stuckley’s Mad Musings on the life and times of Druids.

Eisteddfod Mon Anglesey

Gorsedd Eisteddfod Mon
Modern Welsh Druidic Tradition


When my late friend Aunty Ceri was a child in the 1920s salt was not by Saxa but came on the back of a horse and cart in the form of block salt. Aunty Ceri had the hateful job of grinding this into useful salt for the household.

Imagine now a similar block of salt on the table next to your laptop or desktop crystal bucket and take a pinch now and then.

It is reported that in the early 18th Century the Reverend Henry Rowlands, intrigued by these standing stones of Anglesey, investigated the Bryngwyn Stones.

In his antiquarian record wrote that there were indeed three stones standing there with the base of a fourth present.

Earlier writings in the seventeenth century paint a picture of twelve stones standing here, which would indicate a stone circle.

No recent archaeological have managed to find evidence to support either of these propositions. It might well be that the first report actually refers to Castell Bryngwyn, half a mile away.

Castell Bryngwyn Ancient Monument

Castell Bryngwyn Ancient Sanctuary

These stones are significant in that it is extremely odd that both should be standing here next to each other with dimensions and shape that might support a Neolithic heritage. However, no evidence has been found that might indicate this to be true.

Yet, I feel compelled to seek to balance out the general scepticism surrounding the history of the Bryngwyn Stones. It must be remembered that stones and boulders are very important assets for farmers down the centuries.

It is quite possible that other standing stones that accompanied the Bryngwyn Stones were carried away for building homes and walls.

Even the largest of stones crumble eventually with wear and tear and expansion of ice in fissures. We are all friable. Everything in the Universe is so. Check out the Second Law of Thermodynamics

Castell Bryngwyn Ancient Monument


So there we are then. Please do take the time visit the Bryngwyn Stones as part of a very pleasant Anglesey day.

Make up your own mind. If you have children with you, make up stories instead.

Cultivate their imagination with what is known of this darker period of Man’s (and delightful Woman’s) History. You never know where it will lead them in their education.


Arriving in the general area is quite easy and I suggest that you study the map below in order to find the small lay-by that will take you to Castell Bryngwyn.

I would respectfully suggest that you visit Castell Bryngwyn first because there is a Public Footpath leading from here, across a field and a farmtrack to the field in which the Standing stones are located.

Switch to Google MAP (top right) to get a good look at the footpath.


You can go directly to the Public Footpath 300 metres further along the road to Dwyran. So best to travel from Brynsiencyn if you can.

Drive past the lay-by for 300 metres toward the big white house on your left. before this, on your right there is gate and the ruined cottage above can be seen. Park here if you can, leave access for the farmer.

There is a Public Footpath sign and you can enter th field and walk either side of the hedge to arrive at the stones after a brief walk.

Do take care as this is a road that some people, including motorcyclists, tend to use it as a racetrack.


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