Atgofion - Memories

by Emyr Williams
(Oldham in Lancashire)

Cerrig Gorsedd Cyhoeddi Eisteddfod Gendlaethol <br>Proclamation of the Royal National Eisteddfod<br>Llangefni 1956

Cerrig Gorsedd Cyhoeddi Eisteddfod Gendlaethol
Proclamation of the Royal National Eisteddfod
Llangefni 1956

Dear Readers,

I have translated Emyr's message into English for you and placed it below, because I know a couple of friends out there in the world will want to find out who you are, Emyr. Wil.

Diolch o galon i ti Wil

Mae y blynyddoedd yn pasio mor gyflyn, Wil, ond mae darllen dy "web site" heddiw yn dod a llawer o hen atgofion yn ol i mi. A gobeithio fe fedru di gario ymlaen o nerth i nerth.

Llangefni, eh? Wel fe farwodd fy mam yn Ysbyty Druid llawer blwyddyn yn ol. Y Dingle. J O Williams - siop yn gwerthu beiciau modur.

Cyhoeddi yr Eisteddfod Genedlaethol fel plant yn 1956. A ffatri Ferranti o dan y neuadd y dref.

Dyn dall yn casglu arian yn ei dun yn y twnel i'r farchnad wartheg. A'r 'Strangers o Gemaes' yn canu ar nos sadwrn yn neuadd y dref.

PC Parsons ac wrth gwrs Huws Gray a Burgess i'r ffarmwrs adeg honno. Corn Hir a Lloyd Ephrain yn gwerthu cywion ieir.

Atgofion melys iawn.

A diolch i ti am am y website (gwefan) oherwydd dyma y tro cyntaf i mi 'sgwennu Cymraeg mewn 44 blwyddyn.

A'r prynhawn yma fe gefais hyd i llawer o dudalennu yn Gymraeg ac mi fedrai ddarllen Cymraeg hefyd.

Na Wil, 'rwyf ddim wedi anghofio lle y cefais fy ngeni.

Sir Fon am Byth!
EMYR (Welshrover)

Annwyl Emyr

Ti mor garedig gyda geiriau dy neges. Pedwar deg pedwar o flynyddoedd ne beidio, mae dy Gymraeg yn arbennig o dda.


Heartfelt thanks to you, Wil,

The years pass so quickly, Wil, but reading your website today brought back to me many an old memory. And I hope you carry on going from strength to strength.

Llangefni, eh? Well, my Mother died in the Druid Hospital many years ago. The Dingle. J O Williams – a shop that sold motorbikes.

The Proclamation of the National Eisteddfod in 1956. And the Ferranti factory under the Town hall.

A blind man who used to collect money in his tin in the tunnel leading to the old cattle stockyard. And the ‘Strangers from Cemaes’ singing in the Town Hall on a Saturday night.

PC Parsons and of course Huws Gray and Burgess for farmers in those days. Corn Hir and Lloyd Ephraim selling chickens.

Sweet memories indeed.

Thank you for your website because this is the first time I’ve written in Welsh in 44 years. And this afternoon I came across many Welsh pages so I know that I remember how to read Welsh as well.

No, Wil. I’ve not forgotten where I was born.

Ynys Môn For Ever!

EMYR (Welshrover)

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Feb 14, 2017
Family Tree
by: Ann Thomas

Hi everyone,

My family are doing the family tree. Lloyd Ephraim who ran chicken farm in Llangefni. We been told he is related to us.

Does anyone have contact with his family?


Feb 19, 2014
Town hall
by: Anonymous

It was the firm Redileads that were under the Town Hall. Ferranti had a large factory down the road that led to the marsh. It stood across from Cunliffes. Although I think Redileads moved to a larger place on the same road eventually. It is many years since I was back in Llangefni but I think all these places are now closed, what a shame.

May 21, 2011
'Ephraim' s Chicks.'
by: Drew in Alaska.


I too have rolled the 'tapes' back to 'Ephraim' Chicks. I remember the van with the logo/advert for the business and a son of the businessman attended the Ysgol in Corn Hir in the early 1960's too.

During the major Eisteddfod in the late 1950's (1957) I well remember a blind man holding a small tin (small change?). He had a notice written on a piece of cardboard he beheld upon his chest- enlightened one as to how he became blinded.

It read, 'Blinded by Smallpox'. He stood near the Plas Pencraig area roadside where some access to the Eisteddfod availed - at least for us small 'kids' where the Eisteddfod was a very alive time.

Amazing reflections and loving the reads in both Welsh and t'other!

Ynys Mon Am Byth! Ia iawn.

I'm convinced Anglesey Welsh has solid distinction to other parts of Wales and to my ears too.

Drew in Alaska

(Andrew Weare for the uninitiated)

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