Another 'Anglesey Hidden Gem'

by Anthony Tavernor


I was wondering whether you have heard of another Anglesey hidden gem,'PLAS CADNANT HIDDEN GARDENS' situated alongside the Menai Strait 1/4 mile from Menai Bridge.

The recently discovered gardens are currently only open to the general public once a year, on the last Wednesday of April. The proceeds of these openings are for charity.

Last year over £2000.00 was raised. This year any funds raised are to be divided between the 'Welsh Air Ambulance', the 'Anglesey Red Squirrel Project' and the National Gardens Scheme.


Anthony Tavernor.

Website:- Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens

Dear Readers

I had never heard of Plas Cadnant Cardens and so delighted that Anthony has blessed us all by bringing it to our attention.

I'm a fan of the Great Monty Don and am thoroughly enjoying his series about Italian Gardens. Even an uneducated gardener like me can see some Italianate tendencies in the general design.

Please have good look at the images on this wonderful website and if you are looking to enhance the quality of your life this coming week, then it's quite easy to find.

It seems to be one those places that can offer an unexpected and deeply satisfying experience.

Support important charities.


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Apr 29, 2011
by: Anthony Tavernor

I am pleased to say that the recent NGS open day was blessed with good weather and was well supported and again in excess of £2000.00 was raised for charity.

Thank you to all supporters

Anthony Tavernor

Dear Anthony

Congratulations to you and all those involved with all the wonderful renovation work you are carrying out at Plas Cadnant.

Possibly, like me, you will be settling down to watch Monty Don's Italian Gardens this evening and I hope it brings you inspiration in your work.

Though I imagine that Plas Cadnant is a wonderful inspiration in itself.


Apr 24, 2011
Thanks, Guys!
by: Anonymous

Thanks to you, Anthony, for the sleuthing, and to you, Wil, for the publicising of this once-a-year treat. See you there?

Dear An'

I think Anthony ... Mr Tavernor, is the Lord of his own gaffe.

He bought Plas Cadnant in the 1990s and has slowly been unravelling its beauty ever since.

Talk about 'Living the Dream'.

So, to correct you, An':

Anthony - Lord of the Manor.
Wil? So envious

Go and have a fabulous day and dip deep into your pockets. Take some photos and post them here.

Glad to be of service even if I can't go and it leaves me unhappy.


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