Anglesey Hidden Gem

‘Wednesday morning at 4:00am as the day begins,’
wrote Paul McCartney.


It would be disingenuous for me to mislead you and suggest that I was up that early to take these photographs.

Some of you may be appalled, but for me 7:50am is rather early.

Nonetheless, I was up and feeling fresh in body and head, for a change. I sleep badly and so feeling fresh this early was an excellent and unexpected state.

It was a beautiful early Summer morning and one worth experiencing with a cup of tea in hand.

Anglesey Hidden Gem

Like I do every morning in my little garden here in the very heart of rural Anglesey, I went to wish a heart good morning to all.

I tap on the greenhouse to wish them well and then set about encouraging the plants I have been gently hardening outside.

The garden is running on idle at the moment, with the main body of the flowers and vegetables no more than strong plantlettes.

However, another month and the entire space should be blooming and bursting with colour and wonderful uplifting vitality.

Anglesey Hidden Gem


I am no gardener though I am addicted to Gardeners’ World and like most of you have plans far bigger than my garden.

The Chelsea Flower Show opened my eyes from ambivalence about our responsibilities to protect nature and to ensure that we help the worryingly declining bee population.

That’s why I’m investing in as many blooms as possible from now on.

From the bright reds of geraniums, golden marigolds through to the blue, yellow and purple blooms of the perennials.

As wide a spectrum of colour as possible to attract and nurture our vital little buzzing friends.

Anglesey Hidden Gem

In the meantime, the track down to house is fine and is today again in full bloom.

The hedges cascade with hedgerow roses, a superabundance of wild geraniums, foxgloves, cow parsley, ox-eye daisies and an old but thriving overhanging apple tree.

The track’s about a third of a mile long and rich with foliage, colour and buzzing sounds.

Anglesey Hidden Gem

It’s a far greater delight to walk up and down this little track these days knowing its significance in the great scheme of life.

I hope you enjoy these images because I am so glad I went back and got my camera.

I wish you well in your gardens. If you haven't got one then buy a pot, a small bag of compost and a packet of seeds.

It's foolish to believe that is we who nurture gardens with our efforts because it's the other way around.

Our Gardens Nurture Us.



Anglesey Hidden Gem

Anglesey Hidden Gem

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Anglesey Hidden Gem

Anglesey Hidden Gem

Anglesey Hidden Gem

Anglesey Hidden Gem

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