Angelsey Holiday

Melin Hywel - Hywel Mill, Llanddeusant ,Anglesey

Melin Hywel - Hywel Mill, Llanddeusant ,Anglesey

Dear Wil

I have just found your website and it is fantastic- so much useful information.

Unlike the official website- or books sent out which have obviously been written by a P.R. person.

We are coming for the first time in August so keep writing!!

Thank you.

Dear Friends

I don't know the IP address so this, as far as I am concerned, is a genuine message.

To the kind person who wrote this a big thank you. All that holds me back these days is my AOL hub and the quality of the line down to the house.

Be well,


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Aug 01, 2011
Andrew Bach
by: Wil - Anglesey Hidden Gem

Dear Andrew

Thanks enormously for your brilliant kind words.

I'm glad that the website has brought back many good and positive memories for you and twin Gordon of your time in Llangefni, Anglesey during the 1950s.

I believe that Llangefni was at its very best during that time. I don't believe that people have ever had it so good: progress and community.

The government of those days sought to build a country for its people and support them out of the appalling poverty before the War.

Times are a bit confusing and messy these days.

But I still love my home town and the wonderful people who always shine through, as they always have.


P.S. For those of you who don't know Andrew and Gordon Weare, please check out these pages:

  • Terible Twins & Plas Pecraig

  • Andrew's Icy Adventure

  • Jul 31, 2011
    Andrew 'bach' ynte.
    by: Anonymous

    Yes, I noted the 'official' PR info on Anglesey or rather Ynys Mon is very "out-of-a-book' and bloody 'out-of-touch and all.

    It takes the pragmatics, insight and awareness of the Native Born Anglesey resident to expose fully, the considerably huge, nay VAST, artifacts, and sights covering the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Roman Empire.

    The stunning pastoral scenery of Anglesey seen by Charles Dickens' visitation. Notwithstanding the generosities and courtesy of the amazing local people, Islanders.

    The Suspension Bridge came in 1827 under Thomas Telford's engineers. affording much more traffic; then Stephenson's 'Tubular' Britannia Bridge for the railway system/s.

    This site is far far more representative of the real and actual Anglesey.

    Thankyou Wil for this beauteous site.

    Much appreciated,
    Andrew 'Bach'..

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