A Welsh Sunday - Dydd Sul.

by Gordon Weare
(New Zealand)

 Me among my own Tribe.

Me among my own Tribe.

A mild morning, yet a chilly wind, but the sun shone, it was full spring, Y Gwanwyn (Barddoniaeth gan I.D.Hooson).

The streets of Llangefni void of all cars, silent and near deserted. St.Cyngar's church bell rang clearly from Nant Y Pandi, aka The Dingle, that long, wide glen, split by the avon Cefni.

The local chapels were near full then, people in their best, ladies and girls in nice refinery, Bibles in hand.. Yn yr iaeth Cymraeg hefyd (In the Welsh language as well).

Glorious singing came out of the open door of Eglwys Christmas Evans, Capel Penuel. Oh I hear it now..

Pompous ? - Not a bit. These were decent, humane people. Conservative, maybe, but the first there in a crisis or emergency.

I remember a young man, who somehow fell off his motorbike, his left foot went round inside-rear wheel, right-side! Godly men & women came out of cracks in the ground.

A woman held him in her lap, bless her. Men, real men, got hacksaws, bars to bend the frame, to release the agonising pressure, that shocked the rider, so pale. The rescuers kept level heads, spoke with a dignified, reassuring calm.

As individuals, who would guess they were these types. Yet, they were. Despite the drama, it is this feature of the modest commitment, and cool actions, that moulded my conclusions. That in a time of crisis, the people of Llangefni were good to be among.

Cofiwch yn iawn y dydd.

Gordon Weare.

Gordon, you're a decade older than me, but I had the good fortune to enjoy that period that had values ingrained in it from the hardships before the War.

Your story about the injured motorcyclist epitomises that generation when people stepped forward in a crisis, not back.

I believe it reaches back to a time when all people were equal in a sense. Capel (chapel) education and ... here's a word I don't think you've heard in a long time .. Cymwynas

What is 'Cymwynas'? Well, the reward is not gratitude after helping out. The reward is being given an opportunity to help.

There's plenty of that still in Llangefni and Anglesey. It's instinctive in us Welsh and other peoples who have collectively seen hard times.

Bless you and your Tribe.


PS Below is an image of St Cyngar's Church today.

For more information about the Dingle to which Gordon enjoys referring to Please Click Here

Dingle - Nanty Y Pandy

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Mar 24, 2014
Capel Lon y Felin
by: Anonymous

Some people look back at their Sundays of their childhood in the 50's and groan at the fact they had to go to chapel. Lon y Felin was a different story, it was for me a happy time. The morning session was when Mr Owen taught us our music scales and children's hymns, the afternoon was Sunday school I always remember Aunty Dilys (Gibson),then as you got older the evening session with visiting preachers and old men mumbling Ia Wir Ia Wir. The chapel stalwarts T C Simpson, Edward Williams and Ivor Williams were a joy to listen to with all their stories, and the singing was sensational in fact Harvest time was standing room only. The old ones are sadly gone but the welcome is still there for anyone who pays a visit, happy days.

Jul 19, 2010
Aunty Gwyneth
by: Anonymous

Dear Ann O'Neamous

Let me know who you are (G? Most probably A).

We may even be related. It's still a small town.

Anglesey preachers are renowned for twinkling eyes and "I understand your pain and haven't you got nice legs."

The Welsh term is 'Sglyfath Neis'.


Jul 19, 2010
American Aunty in Anglesey
by: Anonymous

I remember the Christmas of 1979 vividly, My Aunty Gwyneth came to visit from Texas.

She'd "forgotten" all her Welsh (Mind you she did fine when the whisky was flowing!) And when walking into Llangefni we bumped into T.C. Simpson, a retired postman.

He was the pregethwr - preacher - at Capel Lon Y Felin.

He asked my Aunty if she would be coming to the chapel on Sunday, She replied she wouldn't be able understand the sermon as it would all be in Welsh.

T.C, with a twinkle in his eye said "Yes, but we'll hold the collection in English just for you" and off he went on his way

Apr 20, 2010
Virgin Mary and the Marian Conspiracy
by: Wil

Dear Bella

Yes, there is a story that Mary came to Anglesey after the Crucifixion. The story is that she was accompanied by Joseph of Arimathea.

There is a book by Graham Phillips called, "The Marian Conspiracy" that seeks to bring a load of strands together to make a case. I'm not sure that he succeeds; nonetheless, it's a really good read and will inform you about the Arthur connection with Anglesey, specific Roman history and an alternative theory on the 'Lady of the Lake'

Check out my Book Store and go from there.

Thanks very much for popping in to Anglesey Hidden Gem.

Warmest regards to you.


Apr 19, 2010
Hidden Indeed!
by: Bella

Went to an old church near Llanerchymedd and they told me the Virgin Mary was buried there after she escaped from the Holy Land.

Is this true?? Sounds very Holy Graily to me:) Your blog has a good name - Hidden. I only just found it! haha!

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