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    Anglesey Book Store - Books written by Wil author of Anglesey Hidden Gem.

    Anglesey Book Store for those interesting books and MUST HAVE reading and Planning for your Anglesey holiday and education

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    Washi Bach in Amlwch

    Hello Wil I remember Washi Bach,as he used to visit Nan and Taid's smallholding near Amlwch. Nan used to give him hot water to make tê tramp (tramps

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    Hello Wil Can you advise on the best beaches for swimming? - We are staying in Rosneiger in July. I do open water swimming (normally in a lake) but would

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    When did Washi Bach Die

    Annwyl Gyfeillion / Dear Friends, In all my conversations I have been unable to discover when Washi Bach died. It seems that many of the people,who would

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    The Reds at risk in the Marianglas area

    Yesterday 7th Jan 2017 I saw the second dead squirrel on the road just as you approach the 30mph sign as you enter Marianglas from the Llangefni direction.

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    Dear Wil Easter on Anglesey in the late fifties was still a time when we went clapping for eggs to local farms and the farmers were usually generous.

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    North Stack Cannon

    Good afternoon, I've just been looking on the internet following a note that part of Parliament House roof has collapsed and I came upon your site. For

    Continue reading "North Stack Cannon"


    Hi, Lovely site. We'd like to take some photos of the brickworks but as I remember, it's out-of bounds. Is there any easier way to get to the brickworks?

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    Hi Will Great web page. I was brought up on Anglesey. At Bryn rEfail I went to school at Penrhoslligwy. There were 17 children and 2 teachers there.

    Continue reading "Gaenor"

    Love Anglesey

    We come up each year to visit family and we all love it. We try to get a beach day at Church Bay and enjoy discovering new places and experiences. As

    Continue reading "Love Anglesey"

    Places to stay near Dulas - TRAETH YR ORA BEACH

    Hi Wil I love your site. As children, our family used to camp in a farmer's field just before you go down the narrow path to Traeth yr Ora beach. It

    Continue reading "Places to stay near Dulas - TRAETH YR ORA BEACH"

    Anglesey Historic Churches

    Hi Wil Yet again our holidays (we went twice) in Anglesey this year were excellent. We stayed in the beautiful village of Aberffraw in a cottage on

    Continue reading "Anglesey Historic Churches"


    Dear Reader, It looks like it's going to be a weekend on Anglesey for walking rather than sitting on the promenade in Benllech drinking a cup of tea from

    Continue reading "ANGLESEY SPRING. ARE WE THERE YET?"

    Plas Cadnant - Heartbreak on Anglesey

    Dear Gentle Reader Anthony Tavernor is one of Anglesey's best ever welcome guests and like thousands of people from Anglesey, the United Kingdom and foreign

    Continue reading "Plas Cadnant - Heartbreak on Anglesey"

    Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens - Menai Bridge

    Greetings from Anglesey Hidden Gem where it continues to be a confusion of strong Autumn storms and May temperatures. I've come to the conclusion that

    Continue reading "Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens - Menai Bridge"

    Memories of Llanddwyn Beach from a Stormy Winter Day

    It is Saturday morning just under a fortnight from Christmas and all I can see out of my kitchen window is the horizontal wind driven rain assist a murky

    Continue reading "Memories of Llanddwyn Beach from a Stormy Winter Day"

    Why Anglesey Is So Special To Me

    Hi Wil Out of the times on Anglesey, by far the most special was in May 2005 when myself and my now wife were in Anglesey for the Bank Holiday Weekend

    Continue reading "Why Anglesey Is So Special To Me"

    Running to Anglesey

    Hi Wil Great website. Can you help please? I want to create a circular running route from Bangor across to Menai Bridge. Are the A5 and A55 passable

    Continue reading "Running to Anglesey"

    Bell on the beach?

    Hi Wil Just spent another beautiful week in Anglesey and visited Church Bay a couple of times. On my second visited I noticed what looked like a broken

    Continue reading "Bell on the beach?"

    Red Squirrels in the Nant y Pandy Nature Reserve in Llangefni

    Dear Gentle Reader The odds of seeing a Red Squirrel in the Dingle Boardwalk in Llangefni is about 50% I would say – going on my own experience. So, if

    Continue reading "Red Squirrels in the Nant y Pandy Nature Reserve in Llangefni"

    Menai Bridge Autumnal Beauty

    Dear Gentle Readers I write to advise you that time is running out in Menai Bridge. Autumn is here and one good blow and the beauty that hangs golden,

    Continue reading "Menai Bridge Autumnal Beauty"

    Trearddur-Bay-early 50's.

    Trearddur Bay memories … early 1950's. “The Bay” was considered, by those who didn't know much about anything, to be where the wealthy folk lived;

    Continue reading "Trearddur-Bay-early 50's."

    Rhosneigr - Strange Object in Photo.

    Dear Wil While on the beach at rhosneigr Saturday evening (29/08/2015) we were taking pictures on our phones of the sun set and beach etc. The kids

    Continue reading "Rhosneigr - Strange Object in Photo."

    Mystery Beach

    Hi Wil Where on the island has a tiny street on the way down to the beach? On the right hand side there is a tiny sweet shop and on the left cottages.

    Continue reading "Mystery Beach"

    Porth Swtan ... A family connection.

    Dear Wil, My Great Grandfather, Robert Richards, (1849-1928), lived at Clegir Mawr near Porth Swtan, raising a family of 10 children. (He was one of 14

    Continue reading "Porth Swtan ... A family connection."

    Access Times to Llanddwyn Island

    Hello, Like your website with lots of information. I have a question about access to Llanddwyn Island very early in the morning. We believe there is

    Continue reading "Access Times to Llanddwyn Island"

    Pencraig Mansion, Llangefni

    Dear Wil My husband and his first wife used to live in Pencraig Mansion in 1955. I still have two pictures from those days. Regards Maryse

    Continue reading "Pencraig Mansion, Llangefni"

    Ancient Anglesey Move Back in Time as You Stand Still and Reflect

    Ancient Anglesey. Visit significant sites in the history of Anglesey. Castles, Burial Sites and Iron Age huts. Move Back in Time as You Stand Still and Reflect

    Continue reading "Ancient Anglesey Move Back in Time as You Stand Still and Reflect"

    boat fishing

    Hi Wil My family and a friends are staying near Cemaes Bay inearly June and are bringing a boat. My question is, where can I find information about what

    Continue reading "boat fishing"

    Mala's Bistro in Holyhead

    Dear Gentle Reader On the report about Mala's Bistro on Holyhead High Street (Stanley Street) written by Mangoflower I responded with the news that today

    Continue reading "Mala's Bistro in Holyhead"

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