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Anglesey Island Gems, November 24, 2010

Hello there,

I hope everything’s well with you and yours and that you’re enjoying reasonable good weather wherever you are. Though it’s hard to come by on Anglesey at this time of year.

Anyway, here we are on the threshold of Christmas ... YET AGAIN. What’s happening? Am in the Tardis and haven’t realised it yet.

Subjectively it only feels like last Christmas was only a couple of months ago. I’m trying to find a sanctuary for my credit card, though the darn thing seems to have a mind and intention all of its own.

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Anglesey Hidden Gem

Issue #8, November 2010


One thing that you’ll notice immediately about the site is that I’ve re-jigged the navigation bar and broken it down into specific sections.

This should make it easier for you and new visitors to get about. It also allows me to bring to the fore a number of pages that have been languishing in obscurity crying for attention.

Anyway, here we are with a few new places for you to visit. I like you to arrive armed with knowledge, as it generally improves your appreciation of where you find yourself.

North Stack - Anglesey


I directed your attention to South Stack Lighthouse in the last newsletter. It's therefore only appropriate that I now introduce you to Holy Island’s Fog Warning Station on a headland opposite the lighthouse.

The Fog Warning Station has an interesting history stretching back almost 200 years. Yet, that’s not what North Stack is about for me. North Stack is an astonishingly beautiful place on the seaward flank of Holyhead Mountain looking out into the Irish Sea.

I have indulged myself with the odd paragraph about two of the hardest, most dangerous climbing routes in the world in their day.

Anyway, I’m sure it’ll be the staggering views along and from this rugged coastline that’ll impress you more than my antics. For more...

Holyhead Breakwater Country Park - Anglesey


Holyhead Quarry, as it used to be called, used to be the most appalling dump of a place, though you’d ever guess it now as it nestles comfortably in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Literally a dump in its day, from the number of rotting mattresses they carried from the place when they were designing and generating this beautiful Award Winning Green Space. Anglesey’s Industrial Heritage is apparent and worth visiting.

The Breakwater Park is an ideal start of a vigorous little trot up the ridge toward North Stack and South Stack Lighthouse.

You can arrive to idle by the man-made lake with an ice-cream or a cup of tea and bun, or you can investigate most of the site, whatever level of fitness you are or your mobility challenges. For more....

Holyhead Breakwater - Anglesey


Briefly, this is a navigation button that is slowly gathering information about Holyhead on Anglesey’s west coast. Actually, locals prefer to call this island barely touching Anglesey as Holy Island.

I’ve attached the sites I mention in this Newsletter and also directed your attention to the beaches, if you haven’t seen these yet.

Holy Island is a fascinating place and I’ll be adding information as time allows.

For more....

Llynnon Iron Age Site - Anglesey


I don’t know if I have conveyed to you my love of Llanddwyn. I don’t know if I could.

Now this twenty minute, or so, walk might seem a little bit of nothing on paper (!); however, it is a little walk that will add greatly to your appreciation of Newborough Forest and bring you out on Llanddwyn Beach well away from the maddening crowds.

The path skirts the southern side of the forest and brings you onto the Anglesey Coastal Path. This leads you between the managed conifer woodland and one of the largest sand dune areas in Britain, Newborough Warren. It is the home of some mean looking horsies, bunnies and unique plant life.

To arrive at the beach through the sand dunes and view the mountains of Snowdonia and Llanddwyn Island can take your breath away in Summer and shock you in Winter with our ferocious storms. For more... .

Llyn Parc Mawr – Newborough Anglesey


I saw my first Anglesey Red Squirrel here at Llyn Parc Mawr in Newborough Forest.

The little critter was helping him- or herself to the birdfeed on a tree in the car park. Sod’s law decreed I was wearing a bright red shirt and my hands were too cold to get the camera to work in time. I have the image of a red squirrel’s backside disappearing up a hundred foot tree, if anyone’s interested.

Llyn Parc Mawr is a manufactured asset in Newborough Forest that affords you pleasant reverie with a gentle walk around the man-made lake.

It’s a lovely place to visit to see the ducks and a large variety of wildlife and plants in a well-managed - but not despoiled – natural setting.

It's also great for a picnic. If you have a doggie in tow then this is the place to come; even better to tire out the grandchildren before heading back to the caravan. For more... .

Menai Bridge Evening Beauty - Anglesey


Choose a nice evening or a fine winter’s day to walk along the banks of the beautiful Menai Straits from Menai Bridge town, under Thomas Telford’s Suspension Bridge to Robert Stephenson’s Britannia Bridge.

I believe that the images I’ve placed on this page will make it a must on your next visit to my Island Home.

If you’ve visited Anglesey before I’m sure that you’ll have been intrigued by the white house in the centre of the Menai Straits between the bridges. This is Ynys Gorad Goch, which has a fascinating history that stretches back at least 600 years as a fish trap and one-time fish smokery for Anglesey’s monasteries .

A fabulous walk to build up a nice healthy appetite. For more ... .

Coed Cyrnol Woodland Walk – Menai Bridge, Anglesey


Look over the Menai Suspension Bridge on the Anglesey side and you’ll find Coed Cyrnol Woodland more or less below you and toward Church Island.

In truth it’s not a very large woodland but it’s a pleasant enough path through and about the woods, down to the island Church of St Tysilio and along the Belgian Promenade right on the Menai Straits.

It’s a lovely component of the walk I mention above in Menai Bridge Evening Beauty. For more...

St Cwyfan Church in the Sea – Aberffraw Anglesey


When St Cwyfan decided that a church should be built on an outcrop in the sea off Aberffraw, I wonder if he was trying to test the mettle of his Christian followers in those early days.

Most of the graves have been taken away by the sea. And no, you can’t see bits of skeleton sticking out of the walls. That would be unfortunate for the departed.

The remains of the causeway identify the route to the island between the small rock strewn beaches of Cwyfan and Porth China. I happened to visit on one of those Sundays when a service was being held and it was reassuring to hear the unaccompanied singing of the appropriate hymn, "For those in peril on the sea..." For more ... .

Llanallgo Royal Charter Church – Moelfre Anglesey


However, it is its connection with one of the most appalling maritime disasters - the sinking of The Royal Charter in the early hours of October 26th 1859 - that has established its place in world renown.

Over 400 souls were lost in hurricane storm conditions and it is to this small parish church that they brought 140 of those bodies washed ashore at Moelfre.

It must have been a nightmare for all involved. After all furniture was removed from the interior of Llanallgo Church the many broken bodies were all laid out respectfully. For more ...

Weird on Anglesey


Listen, I’m loathe to suggest in any way or form that we are a strange bunch here on Anglesey. There again, if the truth is indisputable then why dispute the truth, ynde?

They are among us and tend to be in contact with the Press when they can. So here’s a gathering of thoughts from some distant psychological shore gathered under the new heading of ANGLESEY- WE DO WEIRD

Do take the time to visit.
For information on Anglesey UFOs ... Click Here
For more about the Holyhead Jedi ... Click Here


It is no secret that Prince William and Ms Kate Middleton are living on Anglesey and I have no intention of telling you where their cottage is.

Living in Sin, is what they used to call it in my Gran’s day. Me? I want everyone to be happy, especially ME and YOU. So, why not William and the lovely Kate?

This is just a little page for anybody who wants to share a thought or two about the Royal Engagement and any other matters that may be circulating among the gray matter. For more ...

I’m Waiting As Quickly As I Can - Ebook


You must be amazed that I’ve going on this long with Anglesey Hidden Gem without trying to flog you anything.

You can all relax now because here I am, cap in hand, a kiss curl glued to my forehead and an eBook presented for your consideration. An eBook is an electronic book that you can download from my website.

In short, “I’m Waiting As Quickly As I Can’ is a collection of gentle stories, eccentric characters, bizarre situations, memorable encounters and affectionate recollections.

In a series of sometimes poignant stories that swing from the chaotic to the reassuring, I hope they leave you thinking a bit more than when you started.

Anyway, have a look, with Christmas coming up think about yourself for a change.

For more...


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Especially if you’ve found a lovely spot that you think other friends would love to visit.

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If you haven’t reached out a warm hand from across the world then do PLEASE DO GET IN TOUCH.

Anglesey’s more than just a geographical location; it’s a state of mind. Just ask our County Councillors.

If you’re an Anglesey Exile then here’s your chance to share your memories and maybe get in contact with old friends.
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