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Anglesey Island Gems, June 5, 2010

Late again! What must you think of me?

Once again, I’ve been busy writing about the journeys and places you might consider visiting. So, Embrace the Year and Make Your Plans and Expedite!

Nothing passes with such unadulterated ease as Wind and Time.

The former you can apologise for, but the latter is a moment forever lost. So, to labour an important point yet again,

Embrace the Year, Make Your Plans and Expedite!

Anglesey Island Gems brings you the latest additions to add to your visit and help you make the "best of all things Anglesey-wise."

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Anglesey Hidden Gem

Issue #6, June 2010

Spring and Autumn render me in a reflective mood. In Autumn I check my mental list of objectives achieved and those not. Spring, is when I reset my plans and feel spiritually revived.

The good news is that the potatoes are coming on well and the onions look strong.

So, in this issue I have started on my list of things to do this year. Highest on my list is a burning Summer.

I know that there will be a lot of complaining should that happen, but you should have spent Winter in my house.

Llanfair yn y Cwmwd Church - Anglesey


A friend recently said to me, “You must think me odd but I enjoy walking about old churchyards.” I understand her completely.

Even though Anglesey is a small island, there are so many little country roads and if you glance over a hedge on your right rather than the left you could miss an absolute gem. So I was most fortunate to have a smarter passenger with me, who noticed this little out-of-the-way church.

It was unexpectedly reassuring and a place to sit and contemplate eternity with affectionate warmth instead of being overwhelmed by media-driven fearfulness. For more information ...

Llynnon Mill and Iron Age Settlement - Anglesey


Hang on, Will! You’ve already got a page about Llynnon Mill.

I know I do, but on this particular visit I was so fortunate that the wind was blowing, the windmill was turning and I could once again appreciate the internal workings of the only working windmill on Anglesey.

I know that all tourist guides refer to MUST VISIT SITES but the internal workings of Llynnon should be enjoyed as a reminder that before machines made Slimcea, it was milled by the wind, people and bread was made by hand. For more information ....

This page is attached to descriptions on my Main Llynnon Mill page. For more information ... .

Lligwy Chapel of Ease - Anglesey


No, I’m not going through another spiritual phase, because I’m always going through a spiritual phase.

I’ve mentioned it on previous pages on Anglesey Hidden Gem that the further you travel up the north east coast that the older it feels. This abandoned Chapel of Ease stands alone in a large meadow that looks down upon the wild wind surfing and kite-surfing beach of Lligwy.

Nearby you will find the archaeological remains of an old Roman Villa and just up the road the really ancient Din Lligwy Burial Chamber (more below).

Instead of just passing all your time on the lovely beach just wander a mile or so up the road to discover this ancient church. For more information ....

Din Lligwy Burial Chamber- Anglesey


Now we’re talking Really Ancient Anglesey. Carved out of the bedrock and covered with a single 25 tonne slab, this is one of those ancient sites that's well worth ticking off your list of the different aspects of the Island to carry home with you as a holiday memory.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with staying on the beach all your stay sipping Pokey Pola and relaxing. Maybe you’d like to widen your appreciation of my wonderful island home. For more information ... .

Marquess of Anglesey Column- Anglesey


How cool is that! You’re on your horse alongside the Duke of Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo and this ruddy great big cannon ball blows your leg away. That’s not the cool bit.

The cool bit is the courage and aplomb of British understatement to utter, “By God, Sir, I've lost my leg.” This drew an equally reserved observation from the Iron Duke.

Even in my days of high fitness, I could never run up the inside of the Marquess’ column in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysilioogogoch.

The view from the oh ... so ... small platform below the effigy of the First Marquess of Anglesey can be staggering. For more information ... .

Porth Trwyn - Anglesey


I urge you to visit this increasing list of Anglesey Beaches that are earning more internationally recognised awards for environmental cleanliness and beauty.

It’s not just me harping on about it in some demented and misguided fashion about brilliant beaches; clever people also think the same as I do. For more information ... .

Anglesey Beach


Every now and then I am moved enough to write something on My Anglesey Journal page. Not all of these items attach themselves to any particular category. They are places or feelings that I feel compelled to write about and don’t always know where to place on my website.

Rather than let them pass away, I choose to share them with you. For more ...

Eisteddfod Mon – Anglesey Eisteddfod


Whatever happened to the Druids of Mona?

Well, once a year during May they gather among a symbolic henge to announce the Anglesey Eisteddfod for the following year. This has been a tradition for all County Eisteddfodau across the whole of Wales and a rite that has probably been happening for almost two hundred years.

The 2011 Eisteddfod Môn will be held in the name of the small village of Bryngwran. And so a colourful and culturally rich ceremony took place in a field outside of the village under a beautiful blue sky will almost all the village in attendance. For more ...


I’ve not come across a red squirrel on Anglesey – yet. However, many have, especially in and around Newborough Forest and Mynydd Llwydiarth in Pentraeth.

I’m of mixed emotions about these little critters because for them to thrive Gray Squirrels have to be culled. And that’s not beside the point either. I like them both. Let’s be honest I like most little critters. Bunnies in particular.

But this page is not about Bunnies it’s about the Anglesey Red Squirrel Project. If you’ve seen an Anglesey Red or have news to share, then get in touch. For more information ...


That really is enough about me. I now want to hear more about you and your stories, adventures and feelings about Anglesey.

Many people have contacted me and it appears that memories of childhood holidays spent on Anglesey still resonate strongly and warmly for many - even decades and decades later. Please do get in touch and help draw the rest of us back to innocent and fun days.

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Be kind to yourself

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