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Anglesey Island Gems, April 2011


The greenhouse is up and being held together with gaffer tape to keep it in one piece during this first blow.

Four cabbages, one cauliflower, 14 leeks and 6 onions survived the Christmas snow so I feel a wholesome Anglesey Love Potion Marmite on the way. (Check the Llanddwyn Island page for details).

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Anglesey Hidden Gem

Issue #10, April 2011


Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton have again been spotted enjoying fabulous Anglesey Cullinary Delights in the Trearddur Bay and Rhoscolyn area of Holy Island. Just thought I’d drop you that odd titbit.

As an Anglesonian, as Prince William describes Miss Kate Middleton and himself, who love the Island, I welcome you to Anglesey once again. I hope that you are able to come here for the two lovely Bank Holidays a few sleeps away now.

Enjoy your stay. Or if you are unable to visit just now, then I hope you enjoy Anglesey Hidden Gems and are already planning for your trip here.

And please, do get in touch because it’s so easy and I’d love to receive your advice on a couple of items I’ve listed below.

P.S. In case you’re looking for news about the Isle of Anglesey County Council, then you’ll be disappointed. I am so deeply embarrassed by the fact that the Council’s been taken over by the Welsh Assembly that I cannot even force myself to make a report.

It’s been more like Incompetent ‘Dennis the Menace’ Politics than Machiavelli’s ‘Prince’.

Newborugh Forest Walk – Anglesey Hidden Gems


At last! I found the time to gather together a handful of pages about the beautiful Newbrough/Llanddwyn area and you’ll find a dedicated ‘NEWBOROUGH’ button on the Navigation Bar.

If you haven’t popped over yet then you’ll discover I’ve added a walk page thought Newborough Forest all the way down to the ‘Island of Love’, Llanddwyn Island. It’s a nice companion to my Horsie and Bunny Walk on the southern side of the Forest.

Plenty to do and Peacefulness Guaranteed. For more ...

Anglesey Red Squirrels Webcam


I wish to add to the information about the webcams I placed in my last Island Gems edition.

The Anglesey Red Squirrels are incredibly active to the moment and their antics are daft and engaging. What with their bums sticking out of the feeding box.

There a lovely live stream of the Menai Suspension Bridge from the University of Bangor Marine Science labs in Menai Bridge. Check it out at night.

The choughs at the South Stack cliffs seem rather quiet at the moment but there's a couple occasionally popping in and out.

May I also direct your attention to a Scottish RSPB webcam link as well. The Ospreys are back at Loch Garten and I have this image at the corner of my screen all day.

Be warned though, they are a rather randy couple and EJ looks like she’s chewing gum like a wayward teenager. Odin looks muscular but dull and not sure what to do.

Go to the RSPB Scotland link and check out the webcam link and Birds of Prey. For more on Anglesey Webcams ....

Rhosneigr Beaches – Anglesey Hidden Gem


I received an odd Contact message from a reader in which he expressed surprise that I had no pages about the beautiful beaches and facilities at Rhosneigr.

Oops! I was rather embarrassed for the gentle reader because I already have six pages about these fabulous Anglesey beaches and facilities.

I admit, though, that it was high time I gathered them together so, rather than letting you exhaust yourselves jumping all over the place, I’ve gathered them all under a new ‘RHOSNEIGR’ button on the Navigation Bar.

It makes life a bit easier for you. And that’s all I ever care for, though a lack of time is always a constraining factor on my activities on your behalf. For more about Rhosneigr....

Llangadwaladr Church – Anglesey Hidden Gem


I love this church near Aberffraw because like many of Anglesey’s Churches it really has that wonderful sense of a ‘Spiritual Vessel Sailing Though Time’, as I like to think of them.

Llangadwaladr Church plays a really fascinating and important role in Celtic History and is possessed of an angular architecture that intrigues rather than pleases the eye.

Nonetheless, it pleases me in so many other ways that leave me deeply satisfied.

I am pleased that I was able to visit and walk around this church and learn that Cadwaladr was able to redeem the family name after his father brought violence, mayhem and havoc to shame all. For More....

While you’re in this spiritual space may I also invite you to visit Llanbabo Church in the heart of the Island to see if you can spot the Devil watching you.

Also have a look at the message from Arf Roberts of Holyhead on this devilish issue on The Horned Man

 Britannia Bridge & Pwllfanogl – Anglesey Hidden Gem


I’ve found yet another place to take my occasionally troubled mind for a rest. It’s just below the Britannia Bridge and close to the home of Sir Kyffin Williams at Pwllfanogl.

Never heard of it? Then go and investigate.

You can spend five or ten minutes below the Britannia Bridge and at Pwllfanogl or, like me, stand and stare for quite a while. I also listen a great deal. With my eyes shut it is another landscape to view and appreciate.

Sir Kyffin Williams loved the quality of the light along the Menai Straits and found a perfect spot. As I write, spend a few minutes or spend the afternoon with a flask and currant bun.

Britannia Bridge Walk...

Pwllfanogl Respite...

Wendy Steele – Anglesey Hidden Gem


Well at last my greenhouse is up and the potatoes are finally recumbent in rich soil in sacks. My cabbages are looking healthy despite their colleagues being wiped out. ‘Survival of the Fittest’, and all that.

Wendy Steele has, I am glad to report, fared rather better with a much larger garden. Loved by neighbours and adored by blackbirds and any bird she is silly enough to feed regularly, the award winning gardner offers you a little report – just to encourage you. For more ... .

Dulas Beach Rockpooling – Anglesey Hidden Gem


I received a message from Lee this week in which he asked about the best ‘Rockpooling’ beaches on Anglesey for children.

I haven't done much rock pool exploration for quite a number of years and had to visualise my way around the astonishingly beautiful Anglesey coastline. Much like Anglesonian Prince William but without his helicopter.

In this link I propose a number of good rock pool beaches and I hope that previous visitors agree. I readily admit that there may well be more, much more.

As I wrote at the top of this newsletter, I need your help here. Please tell me which were the best Anglesey rock pool beaches for you and your children.

Even as a grown up, dammit! For more...

Porth Nobla Beach – Rhosneigr, Anglesey



My friends and I are thinking of visiting Anglesey in the summer and we have a friend who is in a wheelchair.

Are the beaches mainly hidden behind sand dunes or do any/some of them have a car park or promenade that a wheelchair could see the sea/beach from? Are there any cafes /pubs that have a sea view? Any other information or tips for disabled travellers would be much appreciated



This is the message Naomi from Cardiff left on my Contact Me page. How remiss of me.

This is a job I had put off and I’m ashamed because I want absolutely everyone to enjoy my Beautiful Island Home. So, I’ve started with this link page.

Again, this is where you can help me share vitally important access information. If you have important and appropriate information to share, then this is your opportunity to make a contribution to other visitors.

I respectfully ask you to get in touch and add your tips and advice. For more ....

Countdown to Spring on Anglesey


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