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Anglesey Island Gems, March 6, 2010

Hi there again,

I hope that you managed to keep warm where you are. Here on Anglesey we’re enjoying a proper Winter. Snwc the cat is still waiting for Global Warming and doesn’t understand the difference between weather and climate. Neither do I to be honest.

While I sit at my desk awaiting the first signs of Spring I’ve been busy adding the odd page to Anglesey Hidden Gem.

Anglesey Island Gems brings you the latest additions to add to your visit and help you make the "best of all things Anglesey-wise."

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Anglesey Hidden Gem

Issue #4, March 2010

This issue ...

1. My BRITANNIA BRIDGE page adds a bit more depth to the Menai Straits, as it were. Like many Anglesey people the old Britannia Bridge remains real to me and each time I look at its new incarnation I see the old bridge quite clearly. This bridge is an astonishing example of Victorian engineering genius and can be viewed closely, if you know how to get to it. I’ll tell you how.

AND what on earth's Lord Nelson doing here?


I’ve already written about the Druids on Anglesey, especially about their demise at the hands of the Romans. I haven’t told you how brilliant they were though, have I?

In the centre of Anglesey, not only will you’ll discover a beautiful rural idyll but a henge and burial chamber that reach back 4,000 years. More than that there is no reason at all why you can’t sit inside the burial chamber to await the Summer and Winter Solstice. ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH?

For the Druids religious ritual was tied to a strict calendar and here is revealed their scientific genius at Bryn Celli Ddu. Please click here to view and learn about Bryn Celli Ddu.


Just in case you didn’t know, Melin is the Welsh for Mill and Llynnon is the only working windmill on Anglesey. Not only is Llynnon a mill that can be set to catch the wind wondrously, but it also produces flour that you use to make your own bread.

Again, set in beautiful Anglesey countryside this is a MUST VISIT attraction. If you’re lucky then the miller will have set the sails and you can sit outside to enjoy a delightful meringue and pot of tea. If you’ve never seen inside a working windmill then this is your opportunity. A few miles down the road you can also visit a watermill. Click Here for more about Llynnon Mill


Since the New Year there have been a few odd sightings in the night sky above Anglesey. Mynydd Mechell residents believe that there is more going on than they are telling us about. Maybe you have your own stories about UFOs? CLICK HERE for about Anglesey’s UFOs.

5) Where do Anglesey’s Red Squirrels bury their nuts? To learn more Click Here for Anglesey Red Squirrel News.

6) What have the ANGLESEY JEDI gone and done now?

”Fly me to the Moon ... “ There are plans afoot. Click Here to learn more from a lunar fringe....

7) Want to know what events are going on here on Anglesey?

News about films, exhibitions, theatre and clubs are listed here for you. Local community events and news about volunteering opportunities. To learn more Click Here more information ....

Please enjoy yourselves and if you want to share your thoughts you can always write to me by using my CONTACT PAGE

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