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Anglesey Island Gems, September 2011


The limiting factor in any garden is the nutrient in the soil. So you would have thought.

That, of course, and the hunger of bleedin’ rabbits. I must have the best garden on Anglesey ’Upon-A-Wall'.

I’ve seen what Monty Don does to grubs and pests so I’m not telling him about my rabbits. I like rabbits and I thought that the little baby sat in my pot of carrots looked kinda’ cute.

Do No Harm.

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That Way Everybody Wins.

Anglesey Island Gems brings you the latest additions to add to your visits and help you make the "best of all things Anglesey-wise."

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Anglesey Hidden Gem

Issue #11, September 2011


Family health issues are the reason for the delay in publishing this latest Hidden Gems E-Zine Newsletter. So I hope you managed and worked hard at making Summer a very fruitful period for you, your family and friends.

Now the days are becoming shorter and it’s not quite as warm as July. Remind me. Wasn’t August hot, sunny and dry when I was a kid?

Do not worry though, for Anglesey seems to mature through gold into russet tones and deep blue seas as we set off across September and into Autumn. So there’s plenty for you to see, do and walk until you crave a bus stop and a bag of fishcake and chips.

So, Here... We...Go

Anglesey’s County Flower - Ragwort – Anglesey Hidden Gems


I’m going to start of this month’s newsletter on my high horse. I’m going to moralise and make declamations as if I were someone significant – my friend’s little daughter thinks I am, so that’s good enough for me.

It’s in August that the best flowers in your garden come into full and radiant bloom and you know all that hard work in Spring has been worthwhile. Nature here on Anglesey is an abundance of colour as well. Driving down the Islands winding country roads can be a divine and transcendent experience if your heart is open in anticipation.

What distresses me is the super-abundance of that ruddy awful yellow killer plant, Ragwort.

The best projects and protests begin slowly, softly and gently; thereby gathering a full head of steam. It’s time to build up a groundswell against this hideous plant and you can help.

Heaven knows if anyone will pay attention, but, as someone once wrote, ‘the capital of Italy was not constructed in twenty-four hours’. For more ...

Anglesey Red Squirrels Webcam


I must have driven along the road between Brynsiencyn and Dwyran thousands of times and it is only very recently that I notice the little brown CADW sign for Castell Bryngwyn.

While, some of the Ancient Sites on Anglesey can leave you reflective or even rather uncomfortable, the sanctuary at Bryngwyn leaves you in a pretty decent frame of mind. Its history reaches back about four and a half thousand years and it has seen Neolithic Man, Iron Age Man, Druids and the invading Romans.

Nearby you’ll find the two massive and very intriguing Bryngwyn Standing Stones. In truth very, very little is known about these menhirs and the myths weaved around them are probably no more than romantic tosh. Well worth a visit, though. For more on Ancient Anglesey ....

Melin Hywel Watermill – Anglesey Hidden Gem


This is a rather bitter-sweet report about Melin Hywel watermill in Llanddeusant in the heart of Anglesey. It’s an opportunity to highlight this historic watermill that was in operation until a few decades ago.

I really love this building near the last working windmill on Anglesey at Llynnon Mill because I can hear echoes of past rural industry. Peeking in through the now broken windows adds a sad resonance.

However, Melin Hywel remains a beautiful place. For more about Melin Hywel....

Llyn Llywenan Lake – Anglesey Hidden Gem


Choose a wonderful Autumn evening to visit Llyn Llywenan near Bodedern. A pale blue sky tending to the pinks and a wonderful Anglesey sunset imminent highlight this natural beauty.

It can be a bit of a rural adventure finding your way here and it’s worth the journey. I believe that baptisms are still conducted for the most faithful on the shores of this lake.

Llyn Llywenan is one of those rare places in a far-too-busy world where you can relax by allowing the natural sounds to embrace you and leave a remnant glow in your heart that will bring you back. Maybe with a fishing road. For More....

Mynydd Bodafon Mountain– Anglesey Hidden Gem


We should all aspire to be mountaineers and where better to begin that adventure than Mynydd Bodafon, which can be seen from almost anywhere in the centre of Anglesey.

It’s a bit of a trek so bring your sandwiches a sensibly coloured flask and make sure you’re with the very best company. You should be able to make it holding each others’ hand.

From the peak of this mountain-ette you can gaze about and across most of Anglesey and to the mountains of Snowdonia in the near distance. It’s a nice place for a family picnic and doggies love it. Mynydd Bodafon Mountain...

Aberlleiniog Castle – Anglesey Hidden Gem


I haven’t had a chance to visit Aberlleiniog Castle this Summer and I must make sure that I visit it in the next month or so.

Why? The castle has a very interesting history and, not immodestly, I believe that my report offers the best gathering of facts and history. Secondly, it’s a lovely walk through ancient woodland in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

There is a new path that will bring you all the way to the road to Penmon Priory , Trwyn Du Lighthouse and Puffin Island beyond. It’s a brisk walk on Anglesey’s eastern peninsula. For more about Aberlleiniog Castle ... .

Washi Bach – Anglesey Hidden Gem


Washi Bach was a tramp who wandered about Anglesey from the late 1930s, known to my parents' and my generation.

Gradually, with help from Anglesey friends, now across the World, and others around Britain we have constructed a reasonable social history for this sad and tragic individual. I believe that there is much more information out there.

Further, can you remember any tramps that wandered through your childhood? Let them not be forgotten. Let them have existed and let’s make a record to acknowledge their existence. You can also share your stories on this page. For more...

Disabled Beach Access, Anglesey


In the previous newsletter I shared some information with you about accessing some of Anglesey’s best beaches and a couple of other locations worth visiting if you have mobility problems.

I have since discovered that more information is now available on a dedicated website, Accessible Countryside For Everyone. I would like to direct your attention there for your own use and those of family members and friends.

Anglesey County Council has made enormous efforts to open up as much of the Island to all visitors and I congratulate them and Menter Môn for their sterling efforts.

Have a look at my page and the disabled access page and make your contributions to ensure that as many of our friends as possible have as large an experience of Ynys Môn.

For my Anglesey Hidden Gem page ....

Accessible Countryside for Everyone page ....

Mynydd Parys Copper Kingdom - Anglesey


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This is your opportunity to share your positive and, let’s be honest here, your negative eating experiences during your visit to Anglesey.

It doesn’t have to be a top quality restaurant or chic bistro. It could well be where you bought the best fish and chips or ice-creams. I have my favourites and I’m glad to learn that many of you share a delight for those eating places as well. Share the Good, the Bad and Heinously Horrendous...


Make sure that you share those lovely holiday experiences you’ve had on Anglesey. Especially if you’ve found a lovely spot that you think other friends would love to visit.

In the words of the Amlwch Mystic, Lobsang Wan Hung Lo,

“Share the good stuff and accrue good Karma.” Click Here and Get Scribbling ...


If you haven’t reached out a warm hand from across the world then PLEASE DO GET IN TOUCH. Anglesey’s more than just a geographical location; it’s a state of mind. Just ask our County Councillors.

If you’re an Anglesey Exile then here’s your chance to share your memories and maybe get in contact with old friends.

Many have and are in contact with each. A number have come together around common memories of their childhood on Anglesey. For more...

Wendy Steele Garden Report 2011– Anglesey Hidden Gem


Wendy’s Garden Report for August will soon be ready so keep an eye out for it.

Be ready to learn about husband, T’s experiences with seaweed and a decidedly uncomfortably lilac coloured wheelbarrow Wendy insisted on buying.

Wendy writes with knowledge, experience and underpins it all with a disarming gentle humour. I enjoy receiving her reports and hope you enjoy reading them.

In the meantime, have a look at Wendy Steele’s Garden reports so far this year. You’ll find the report links at the bottom of the page. For more...

Be kind to yourself

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