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Anglesey Island Gems, February 5, 2010

Hello There,

I had a briliant and unexpected afternoon in Beaumaris this last weekend and some fabulous images I want to share with you.

Perfect timing belongs to Nature and you can only hope that you just happen to be around when it manifests itself at its glorious best.

Anglesey Island Gems brings you the latest additions to add to your visit and help you make the "best of all things Anglesey-wise."

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Anglesey Hidden Gem

Issue #3, February 2010

This issue ...

This past month I have been spending my time researching and preparing a number of pages about BEAUMARIS because I really love the Menai Straits.

All the way from Llanddwyn Island on the western end of the Straits, past Menai Bridge, Beaumaris, and all the way to Pickled Puffin Island on Anglesey's eastern extreme.

So I have created three quite detailed Beaumaris pages for you with plenty of pictures to enjoy:

1. My BEAUMARIS page is a gentle journey around the town with a nod to the significant items worth viewing.

Beaumaris is a very ancient town with a history reaching back all the way to the Vikings, King Edward 1st, Queen Victoria and Edwardian time. It has a Castle and a Gaol that used to conduct very public hangings. Oo-er!

The architecture along the main street really is a traipse through history that I hope you'll take the time to enjoy when you visit.


Edward 1st was the not the first to set up camp on Anglesey down the centuries but he has certainly left his mark on the place.

At the end of the main street, Church Street, is Beaumaris Castle, which I have re-discovered and thoroughly enjoyed once again. On this page you'll find historical facts and an important question that needs to be answered about the number of toilets the occupying soldiers had at their disposal - as it were.

Please click here to view my Beaumaris Castle page


When you visit Beaumaris it really pays to know where to wander about but, more importantly, where to eat.

As for the eating. Wow! You can sit in a mediaeval low-roofed building to enjoy a salad and soup. Or, what about Award Winning Fine Cuisine at a couple of fabulous pubs and hotels.

I could spend an entire week eating my way from one to the next and to the next. You'll know what I mean when you visit my page about Beaumaris Facilities.

Now Beaumaris is a town that will really give you a reason to wax lyrically about your latest favourite meal. Click Here To Share YOUR Review...


I'm sure that you were aware that January 25th was St Dwynwen's Feast Day. You'll also know that Dwynwen is the Welsh Patron Saint of Lovers.

To celebrate Dwynwen's Day I finally finished my page about Llanddwyn Island. This is a tidal island of astonishing beauty with plenty of small bays and beaches for swimming and fishing. Watch Out! though because it becomes a real island at High Tide.

On this island you'll find a Holy Well to help you find your lover(s), and a significant history serving sailors entering and exiting the Menai Straits. And an old lighthouse. Did I mention the Love Potion?

Many are called but few are chosen. Are you brave enough to try the potion? CLICK HERE.

Above all, Llanddwyn Island is STUNNINGLY, MOVINGLY BEAUTIFUL. Click Here to visit the Island of Lovers.


Last Saturday was one of the most glorious afternoons I have ever spent on Anglesey. I LOVE the colour Blue in nature. Place a yacht to sail on a still blue sea and a brittle-blue sky above and it is an image of exquisite paradise.

Okay, it’s Winter and it really was cold; however, it’s one of the most uplifting blue experiences of my life. Click Here to enjoy a Brittle Winter Blue Anglesey Sky

Please enjoy yourselves and if you want to share your thoughts you can always write to me by using my CONTACT PAGE

Be kind to yourself

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