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Anglesey Island Gems, January 4, 2010

Before I do anything else, may I wish You, Your Family and Friends all the very best for 2010.

May this year bring you the opportunities to improve the quality of your life or even bring about the changes that you’ve been longing for, or working toward.

Remember that your efforts are instrumental in making things happen for you.

Anglesey Island Gems brings you the latest additions to add to your visit and help you make the "best of all things Anglesey-wise."

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Anglesey Hidden Gem

Issue #2, January 2010

I don’t know about you but the Christmas Holiday here on Anglesey was extraordinarily cold. We had a bit of snow though it was mostly hail and ice.

In general it was excellent weather for staying indoors. And that’s what I like to do when it’s too wet and cold; I sit and either write or watch the television. Kevin McCloud and ‘Grand Designs Abroad’ was a particular favourite, with plenty of blue skies and lush green countryside in Tuscany. Reminds me so much of the heart of Anglesey.

Nonetheless, I did manage to wander about quite a bit once the panic of shopping was over. I was able to do something I haven’t done for almost forty years (since being a very, very young child); I went to visit Beaumaris Castle, which is far bigger than my childhood memories.

I’ll have report and images for you in next month’s Anglesey Island Gems Ezine though there are some nice pictures already in place on my Beaumaris Page.

This issue ...

1) MENAI BRIDGE was an easy draw because I was able to walk across and underneath Thomas Telford’s Suspension Bridge. I love this bridge and wrote copiously about it on my new Menai Bridge Page. I had so much to write about Menai Bridge that I was obliged to split the page in two. You’ll find the second page at Click Here.

2) PENMON Another fine place to spend a few hours is Penmon on the extreme eastern point of the Llanddona headland. Here you can walk about St Seiriol’s Priory before walking or driving down to the Lighthouse and to see Puffin Island.

Trust me, this is the home of the Pickled Puffin – or it was. The photos were taken at the end of a warm Summer day. When I was there last week the bitter north easterly wind nearly caused my nose to drop off.

(Despite the weather there were a few brave wind and kite-surfers out there off Lligwy Beach.)

3) RESTAURANT REVIEWS. The Christmas Holiday was a great opportunity to eat out and on the whole it was great and I’ll be writing about these in my own restaurant reviews. My friends were also about a bit, so I’ve asked them to prepare their own reports to share with you.

Now I turn to you. I’ve created the Anglesey Restaurant Review page inviting you to write your views about where you regard as being your favourite – or the worst eating experience on Anglesey.

Feel free to write honestly about the best and worst on Anglesey, now or in the recent past. Some people may come to thank you in time. Click Here To Make YOUR Review...

4) Have You Made Your Plans for 2010 Yet? Please allow me to help you with the Anglesey Hidden Gems 2010 Wall Calendar. 12 Lovely unique views of Anglesey.

Click here for the full story...

Anglesey Hidden Gems 2010 Wall calendar

5) ANGLESEY TALES. As with the restaurant review above, I have created a page for your holiday experiences on Anglesey. Just where is your favourite place on Anglesey? Have you had any strange things happen to you? What would you like other people to know about specific places?

Where did you enjoy your post-Christmas lunch Anglesey Walk? On your favourite beach? Or do you have a traditional family jaunt?

I’ve written a lot about my feelings about Anglesey and I’d now like to know what you think. Am I misleading myself And YOU? I sincerely hope not. So let me know by getting in touch. YOUR Anglesey Tales.

6) TIDE TIMETABLES Time and Tide wait for no-one. So as long as you’ve got your watch and access to my Anglesey Hidden Gems website then you can be knowledgeable about Anglesey Tide Times as well. . So here they are .

Please allow me to add to that by directing you to my recent MAP & WEATHER Page to help you make your plans as detailed as is possible.

7) ROMANS What have the Romans ever done for us? Well they beat the living daylight out of the Druids for one thing. Seeing as I was born here on Anglesey I’m not sure how I feel about that. Anyway, a bit of appropriate history never went amiss. So Click Here For More Information...

8) And finally for this month, What Are Your Plans For 2010? Not all of us have a broad enough imagination on how to improve the quality of our lives, so give us hand and share. Click here ...




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