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Anglesey Island Gems, November 5, 2009

For the Best Island Beaches, Walks and Gentle Drives

Anglesey Island Gems brings you the latest additions to add to your visit and help you make the "best of all things Anglesey-wise."

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Anglesey Hidden Gem

Issue #1, November 2009

This issue ...

1) Just Want to Get Completely Away. Get Lost! At least try to. Anglesey's an island with a 200km coastline and this means that you can drive in any direction across the Island and still find your way back to the Coastal Road.

YOU CAN'T GET LOST but you can have fun turning down one narrow country road after another. You'll probably discover that you might as well hold the map upside down on some of our lovely country roads. It's great to let go of control-freakery and just bimble.

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Anglesey Country Roads

2) Enjoy A Gentle Walk And Then Sit And Contemplate. Wouldn't that be great? Please allow me to guide you to some lovely quiet spots on secluded beaches, coastal paths and ancient and spooky historic sites. Oo-er!

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Anglesey Seasonal Ambles and Walks

3) There's Plenty Happenning Don't for a second believe that there's nothing happening on Anglesey. Important and Amusing items, Local news, Local Politics (Oh Dear! You think your lot are special?). You'll find a broad scope of news and follow ups.

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4) Have You Made Your Plans for 2010 Yet? Please allow me to help you with the Anglesey Hidden Gems 2010 Wall Calendar. 12 Lovely unique views of Anglesey.

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Anglesey Hidden Gems 2010 Wall calendar

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Anglesey Award Winning Beaches


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